The China Show: Private Lives

The China Show: Private Lives

The China Show: Private Lives ‘ New exhibition announced at Urbis, Manchester October 14 2006-January 7 2007

The creative and cultural explosion that has taken place in Chinese cities over recent years comes to Manchester in a groundbreaking exhibition at Urbis co-curated by Scott Burnham and Philip Dodd.

The China Show: Private Lives will showcase the remarkable and endlessly surprising architecture, film, television, fashion and online and mobile content that has helped to shape the new private lives of Chinese urbanites.

Forget the clichés about China as communal society, this exhibition will show the private spaces in which urbanites live, the ways that upclose and personal technologies from web to mobile have enabled people to shape new private identities, and how independent creative quarters in the great Chinese cities license new privatised ways of living and working.

British newspapers may have reported on Supergirls, the Chinese Pop Idol TV show
that attracted an audience of 400 million but The China Show: Private Lives will bring the series itself into Urbis; as it will the record-breaking film CellPhone, never before seen in the UK whose story of adultery and the mobile phone is both gripping and a lesson about the power of new private technologies to enable people to lead new lives. There will also be a scale model of Grand MOMA, the great new sustainable apartment block in Beijing which has been described as ‘one of the ten great wonders of contemporary China’ (by Business Week), photos of the private spaces of the young Chinese, fashion, animation, television programmes (subtitled) about love and sex from a groundbreaking television station , plus Chinese blogs and websites that show the young Chinese doing it for themselves.

Chinese art may have become visible over the last few years in the UK, but The China Show: Private Lives is the first opportunity to experience the culture and creativity that are reshaping the lives of Chinese urbanites. Vaughan Allen, Chief Executive of Urbis commented, “It is incredible that in Manchester this autumn, people will have an opportunity to experience China in the most concentrated, thrilling, fascinating way. I am extremely proud that Urbis is creating The China Show: Private Lives for Manchester in partnership with the University of Manchester, and am excited at the creative potential for juxtaposing two such rapidly changing and diverse international places.”

The China Show: Private Lives is part of CHINA@Manchester, the first UK series of events to showcase the contemporary urban life of China. Directed by Philip Dodd, these events are brought to the UK by the University of Manchester in partnership with Manchester City Council and will take place across the city from October 2006 to January 2007. CHINA@Manchester will showcase the
extraordinary creativity of China’s cities from design and architecture to online and mobile phone entertainment, from film and television to cuisine and urban policy. Events include exhibitions, seminars, conferences, film, food, music.

Region: All
Start Date: 14/10/2006
End Date: 07/01/2007
Start Time: 10:00 – 18:00, late Th/Fr/Sat
Venue: Urbis
Venue Address: Cathedral Gardens, Manchester
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