Temperatures soar on the Battleground this Summer as Ajay Devgn plays ‘Singham’

Temperatures soar on the Battleground this Summer as Ajay Devgn plays

Reliance Pictures presents a homage to the classic Action Film genre, releasing in Cinemas Worldwide on 22nd July 2011

Paying homage to the age-old tradition of the Indian action film, famed for gravity defying stunt sequences and a heavy-handed dose of ‘dishoom’, Reliance Entertainment presents the hottest fight film of the summer, as ‘Singham’ triple-somersaults onto cinema screens on 22nd July 2011.

Hindi cinema all-rounder, Rohit Shetty (‘Golmaal’ series), showcases his inimitable action-flick directing skills once again, following an accomplished list of comedy, Box Office super hits. ‘Singham’ pays artful acknowledgment to one of the richest genres of Indian cinema – the action movie – characterised by its good versus evil narrative theme and perfectly choreographed ‘dishoom’ punches. His reinterpretation of one of Tamil cinema’s biggest blockbusters presents the epitome of screen machismo, Ajay Devgn, as principled, merciless cop, ‘Bajirao Singham’, alongside a stellar cast of both Hindi and Tamil cinema’s most seasoned actors including Tamil starlet, Kajal Aggarwal; Prakash Raj, reprising his negative role from the original version; and the demure Sonali Kulkarni. Set against the dusky rural backdrop of Maharashtra, India, ‘Singham’s poetic mise en scene is enhanced by Ajay-Atul’s rich and masterful soundtrack.

Synopsis: Against the backdrop of Shivgad, a small village bordering Maharashtra and Goa, ‘Singham’ tells the story of honest, diligent and honorable Inspector ‘Bajirao Singham’ (Ajay Devgn), who fights against injustice and prejudice with his strict set of ethics and principles. A sudden strike of destiny sets Singham on a head-to-head course against the tremendously powerful criminal and politician ‘Jaykant Shikre’ (Prakash Raj), challenging his moral code and beliefs. Jaykant’s calculated planning and connections deliver Singham to the ruling city of Jaykant Shikre, the city of ‘Goa’, where his relentless mission is to render Singham’s life a living nightmare. Singham’s supportive girlfriend, Kavya (Kajal Aggarwal), and his tryst with Late Rakesh Kadam’s family, make him realise the importance of bringing about change to the system through eradicating the root cause, Jaykant Shikre, by not going against the law of force but by becoming a powerful part of it.

‘Singham’ heralds the bygone days of the raw action film, rich in fist-to-fist combat scenes and carefully coordinated fight choreography – a lost art in today’s screen age of high-tech gadgetry and superimposed special effects. ‘Singham’ releases in UK and worldwide on 22nd July through Reliance Entertainment.

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