A group exhibition featuring works by: Amy King, Anna Cox, Henrietta L Clare, Jo Goddard, Katrina Chetram, Revinder Chahal & Thea Khan

SE7EN showcases the original work of seven emerging artists based in the London & Brighton areas. This group show involves a mixture of media from photography to ceramic sculpture, from illustration to installation.

Amy King: Amy utilises a variety of mixed media in her handmade pieces. Amy’s work often involves the reused from the discarded or recycled. Amy’s latest project involves encapsulating plants and weeds in the fragile moments before decay to create sculptural vessels. The hidden remnants of their exhibition history can be seen in the form of the insects and seeds which were captured within the resin.

Anna Cox: Using drawing and exploring mark making to express mood and atmosphere. Anna has a fascination with the surreal and slightly sinister, trying to capture a subtle air of menace in the work. Cinema is a big influence, especially Film Noir; Anna is currently intrigued by the role of the Femme Fatale.

Henrietta L. Clare: A London based photographer. Henrietta’s photographic work to date has concentrated on landscape and travel, still life, environmental portraiture and reportage. Henrietta has professionally contributed to a variety of book and magazine publications. However, when it comes to personal artistic practice, this frequently tends to revolve around the landscape.

Jo Goddard: A ceramicist, Jo looks to microbiology, inflatable toys & “organic style” Japanese architecture for inspiration, making abstract sculptural works which include the new Goblin Market series Inspired by poetry by Christina Rosetti, Jo has made this new artwork in clay. They are unlike normal pottery in that the forms look inflatable and appear soft to the touch.

Katrina Chetram: Katrina is an artist and photographer based in London. ‘Cloudscape Series’ focuses on the dramatic serenity of cloud formations. The use of filters on black and white film has given the chance for Katrina to incorporate a traditional perspective to a commonly observed landscape. Katrina has contributed work to a number of music album covers and has had an image from the ‘Cloudscape Series’ featured in the latest album by Danish band Mimas."

Revinder Chahal: Revinder graduated from Camberwell School of Arts in 1994 with honours. Her work involves a mixture of media and her latest theme explores locks & keys both as metaphor and visual stimulation.

Thea Khan: Thea is fascinated by other people’s laundry. Trawling the streets for that billowing bra or swaying shirt, Thea has compiled a brief look at people’s lives through their (mostly) clean washing.

Region: All
Start Date: 25/03/2011
End Date: 31/03/2011
Start Time: 18:00 to 23:00
Venue: Red Gate Gallery
Venue Address: 209a Coldharbour Lane, London
Press Tickets: Not Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Yara Tschallener
Phone: 02073260993