Russian State Dance Ensemble tour the UK

Russian State Dance Ensemble tour the UK

Capture the Fiery Soul of the Cossacks –
Directed & Produced by Ivan Gromakov

300 costumes, 40 world-class artistes, 28 performances in 26 UK venues over 30 days and 1,000 litres of Vodka can only mean one thing – The Stavropol Russian State Dance Ensemble, comprising some of the most creative and prestigious of Russian showmen, are to present their UK premiere tour of the acclaimed Cossacks Fiery Soul, in association with Amande Concerts UK.

Drawing on hundreds of years of tradition, this spectacular new cavalcade of music and dance encompasses the fire, excitement and unique energies of the Cossacks; a people from the wide-open spaces and sun-drenched meadows of the region to the north of the Caucasus, famed for their love of horses and independence.

With original choreographies, this company of artistes from the ballet, orchestral and choir genres have previously performed in France, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan and Germany.

The Cossacks fiery dances and songs are as true and honest as the souls of their country folk, exuding yearning, bravery, hope, love and passion. The highlight of this spectacular show by the ensemble from Stavropol is the ‘Great Cossack dance’ for which special sabres have been made of titanium, ensuring sparks really do fly.

Particular attention has been paid to the detail of the Cossacks’ wonderfully traditional and elaborate costumes, opulent dresses and robes, all intricately designed to detail with veils, hairstyles and accessories to match, complementing the performances’ portrayal of a fine aged art form.

Cossacks Fiery Souls’ inimitable symbiosis of dance, music, masterly, sometimes acrobatic movements, and pensive nostalgic sounds thrill with the programme presented by the ‘Stavropol Cossacks’ ensemble, true masters of all fields of Russian folklore, igniting a real firework of dances, songs and instrumental pieces on stage.

Witness the glowing vitality and immense warmth and yearn to live a Cossack’s life, if only for a night.

The comprehensive leg of this UK tour commences at the Rhyl Pavilion on 12 October 06 and continues at various theatres across the country, culminating at the Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon on 10 November. (See tour list for details.)


12/10/06 Rhyl
13/10/06 Brecon
14/10/06 Potters Bar
15/10/06 Dorset (Wimbourne)
16/10/06 Margate
17/10/06 Tamworth
18/10/06 Catford
19/10/06 Leamington Spa
20/10/06 Stockport
21/10/06 Ilfracombe
22/10/06 Christchurch
24/10/06 Skegness
25/10/06 Scunthorpe
26/10/06 Port Talbot
27/10/06 Dorking
28/10/06 Bolton
29/10/06 Weston-Super-Mare
31/10/06 Epsom
01/11/06 Doncaster
02/11/06 Worcester
03/11/06 Carmarthen
04/11/06 Retford
05/11/06 Peterborough
06/11/06 Lincoln
07/11/06 Lincoln
08/11/06 Taunton
09/11/06 Taunton
10/11/06 Croydon

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