Religious women’s swimwear funded by the Princes Trust

Religious women

MEZAL, a contemporary swimsuit company based in the U.K. (United Kingdom), and fully funded and supported by The Princes Trust launches religious and cultural swinwear for women

MEZAL designs contemporary swimwear for women (particularly for religious practicing women) who wish to fit into the modern lifestyle and partake in leisure activities such as swimming, but find it difficult to find swimwear to fit their needs, due to various cultural,religious, or medical reasons.

With these designs, these women will no longer feel restricted in partaking in swimming activities, or living a contemporary lifestyle.

MEZAL offers an exclusive line of swimsuits that offer extra comfort while being covered and fashionable, with colours that have a fun and unique touch. The neck-line is made of a mesh,light fabric with holes that give anairy, light, comfortable feel. The matching cap is designed to cover the head and is shaped to compliment when worn. The swimsuit range is made of a high-quality, water-repellent fabric, and is available in a variety of colourful designs. It is compact, and conveniently
eliminates the need for pins and excessive flowing materials which impede movement, whether on the beach or by the pool.

It is a new line of swimwear that is not found, anywhere else and will exude a fabulous look and feel on the person.

Our Mission is to provide a product and a service that will allow women from all walks of life to look fashionable yet presentable and covered. It canbe a very daunting task in today’s society, since many stores in the U.K.(including the high-end stores) do not offer such. The overall mission of MEZAL is to make it easy and convenient for women who wish to
wear swimsuits that cover most of the body to feel contemporary without feel inguncomfortable and out-of-place.

We are supported and are invested in by The Princes Trust for our entrepreneurial talent and commitment to promoting ethical

We sincerely hope that this project is vibrant, creative and dynamic enough to warrant coverage by your media institution.

We sincerely believe in our overall vision to serve a creative and industrial, social and economic purpose.

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Name: Rima Mezal
Phone: 07961 378 559