President of Miss Pakistan World invited to India

President of Miss Pakistan World invited to India

Sonia Ahmed is the founder of the pageant industry for Pakistan.

The President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed was invited to India for talks relating to peace between both countries. Ahmed was invited by schools to speak to students about relations between India and Pakistan.

While sharing her ideas with the children, Sonia Ahmed said that living in Canada she considered her event as a way for "liberation" of Pakistani women on a global scale. She considers their event as a sort of civil rights movements with a mission to find positive, energetic role models who will represent and inspire the Pakistani youth within their great community as well as internationally.

When students asked her questions on India and Pakistan relationship she said that for a peaceful and stable South-Asia, people in both the countries should live in harmony. She also added that change can be brought by the youth of both countries. She said she saw hope and confidence among young people who could become the agents of change for both Pakistan and India.

Ahmed was honored by the principal of the school with a beautiful shawl gifted to her as a symbol of respect from the KB DAV School in Chandigarh, India.

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