Pakistan represented well at the Miss Earth 2008 pageant

Pakistan represented well at the Miss Earth 2008 pageant

Nosheen Idrees represented Pakistan in the world’s third largest pageant in November 2008.

Two weeks later and Nosheen Idrees, Miss Pakistan Earth 2008 is raving about her wonderful experience at the world’s largest pageant, Miss Earth which took place in Manila, Philippines. Her group number was three which consisted of contestants from other countries who then became very close at heart to her. Lucky for Idrees, she celebrated her 22nd birthday at the Miss Earth pageant with all the contestants and officials surprising and singing for her.

The reviews done by pageant gurus on Miss Pakistan Earth were amazing where OPMB quoted that she was a strong candidate as well as knowledge on environmental issues. Others on the forum said that she may be the dark horse in the end and would surprise the audiences. A lot of photographs were taken of Miss Pakistan and Miss Israel by media and Pakistani pageant officials. Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World stated that this was precisely to show that Pakistan and Israel are getting along in events like Miss Earth and that more work should be done by politicians to improve relations with countries like Israel and India.

Idrees made sure that the 21 days that she spent in Manila with about 90 countries was spent in educating other countries about today’s Pakistan and its culture. In the end this entire experience was a pleasant one. Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World said, “This is Pakistan’s 7th year in pageantry and even though Pakistan has a long way to go, we have made up for at least 50 years that were lost in the past due to fanatical viewpoints. The only thing left to do is to go forward.”

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