nirmal singh dhiman exhibits at INDependent indIA exhibition

nirmal singh dhiman exhibits at INDependent indIA exhibition

Emerging British-Asian artist Nirmal Singh Dhiman, is participating in INDependent indIA group arts exhibition, a visual and written response to the notion of India, and more specifically to the notion of and ‘Indian’ artform.

This spectacular Arts Event focusing on Indian Art and Indian Identity to to coincide with 60 years of Indian Independence.

This exhibition is from 11th to 18th August, with an invite-only private view on August 15th (just off Oxford Circus, central London W1).

Artist Statement:

In 1996, I found an unused diary from 1969. In it, I started to make a drawing a day, a process which evolved into a drawing about that day’s experiences.

This project has since formed the core basis of all my work and has grown into a daily ritual. Currently spanning over 4,000 entries, the visual diaries have become a personal archive of moments, meta-content and ideas.

The day’s pivotal moments and experiences are documented and distilled, social interactions are captured and explored. Stories and narratives form and interweave with dreams and memories. Real life news and popular culture contextualise and date-stamp the daily entries.

Every entry is complete in itself and is usually made using watercolour, inks, pencils, collage or relevant media from that day, poetry, prose and even parking tickets.

Colours, tones, lines and words describe the moment. Spatial relationships, proximities and time-lines attempt to hide/reveal what happened. Sometimes past events echo and manifest themselves again in future entries. Often parts of yesterday’s entry come through the paper and become intrinsic to the next day’s work.

Working in the diaries has helped me to explore my place in the world as well as perceptions and representations of the things and events that are around me. It has allowed me to reflect of living in England, learn of my (Punjabi) background and of where I might be heading.

Recent travels to India have shown me new ceremonies, traditions and experiences which I am finding are slowly filtering in to my work and are adding a different dimension to my understanding of the world.

These cross-cultural, journalistic works have been described as modern day British-Indian miniature paintings.

Related works include alternative versions and re-imaginings. Derived works are made using painted, drawn, written, computer-generated / scanned and photographic methods.

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Region: All
Venue: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Venue Address: Seymour Mews House, Seymor Mews Wigmore Street, London
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Name: nirmal dhiman
Phone: 07876 562895