New content at Lucid Magazine

New content at Lucid Magazine

The next full issue of Lucid Magazine is published on 2nd May but, before then, check out Lucid’s top 5 for April 09 of new content available now at

1. April 6th marks the 15th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda and, in an exclusive interview, we talk to Mr Hotel Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina (pictured above), the man whose story inspired the 2004 Oscar-nominated film starring Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo and Nick Nolte. Mr Rusesabagina now runs the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation and campaigns against injustice, particularly in the Great Lakes region of Africa, which includes Rwanda and the Congo.He says:

“Unfortunately it takes a movie for the world to wake up. It took 10 years for Hotel Rwanda to be made, for the international community to realise that there was genocide in Rwanda. It is taking just as long to realise that in the Congo – since 1996 I believe – more than 5 million people have been butchered, and yet we do not raise a single finger to say no to cruelty and crimes.”

Read his inspirational story now at

2. Two Lucid editors go head-to-head to debate a hot topic in the run up to our politically-charged May issue. Much has been made of the USA’s first black president and Iceland’s first openly gay prime minister but we ask whether the UK is ready for either. The question is: “Will the UK elect a gay PM before a black PM?” Read our tête-à-tête then join the debate by leaving a message in the comment box.

3. The op-ed continues with an against-the-grain defence of big corporations. With vague but determined protests accompanying the G20 summit in London, we ask if we should stop giving big business a hard time. In this particular discussion, we focus on the much vilified global coffee giant, Starbucks, and argue that it, and other coffee chains like it, provides a vital social function. Let us know what you think at

4. In our new Reviews section we give you the lowdown on what’s worth seeing and what’s worth avoiding. Check out our assessment of West End play Plague over England, the Le Corbusier season at the Barbican, acclaimed rapper Q-Tip’s first UK show in ten years, soul crooner Eric Benet at the Jazz Café and an interactive art exhibition at Rivington Place called Liminal.

5. In our next full issue, online on 2nd May, we’ll be looking at the political landscape in 21st century Britain. As voter apathy spreads and accusations of elitism grow, we ask: does British democracy need a makeover? There’ll also be features looking at the impact of cultural regeneration, the imposition of role models to inspire urban youth and the rise and rise of women in jazz. Sign up to receive the Lucid newsletter and be the first to know when the new issue goes live.

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