Multiculturalism Conference

Multiculturalism Conference

"Ever had the feeling you’re being talked about by politicians, policymakers and politically correct creative practitioners? Well this conference is being organised so British Asians from a range of cultural, religious and professional backgrounds can generate stimulating debates about the future of multi-ethnic Britain.

As an independent body CultivAsian wants to provide a platform for artists, journalists,
policymakers, writers etc. to get messy with multiculturalism. What does this mean today and are we digging its grave? Is it time to bury the fight for race equality and either join the British nationalists or follow the sleepwalkers to segregation? Is mainstream media engaging with minorities in a meaningful way so that ethnic media can clear out its closets? Are white middleclass publishing houses dancing in tune with the Asian beats while community organisations mute diverse expressions? We’re looking forward to how panellists will share their experiences and respond to our largely politically apathetic/resigned audience who think these issues have nothing to do with them.”

CultivAsian in association with The 1990 Trust are organising a conference: “An epitaph to Multiculturalism?”

The aim of this will be to provide young British Asians with an opportunity to explore the current range of debates about the future of multi-ethnic-Britain.

Questions to be raised and discussed include:
– Are we all segregating into religious and ethnic communities?
– Does British mainstream media engage minorities in a meaningful way?
– Writers, artists, musicians…who dictates what makes it?
– Is freedom of expression viable in the current political climate?
– Do we need a community cohesion agenda in practice?

It will engage speakers from across cultural and disciplinary backgrounds including artists, authors and journalists.

Confirmed speakers include:
Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Columnist, The Independent
Aki Nawaz, Founder, Fundamental
Karen Chauhan, Executive Director, 1990 Trust
Tahir Abbas, Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture, Birmingham University
Darcus Howe, Columnist, New Statesman
Rajeev Balasubramanyam, Author, “In Beautiful Disguises”
Keith Jarrett, President, National Black Police Association (NBPA)
Alveena Malik, Head of Communities and Integration Policy, CRE

Region: All
Start Date: 18/08/2006
End Date:
Start Time: 10:30 – 16:00
Venue: Nehru Centre
Venue Address: London
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Sponsorship: Not Specified
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Name: Vikas Vij