Life after Life

Life after Life

Life after Life is the debut performance by NewcastleGateshead-based Dance Company, APPETITE Dance productions.

The 45-minute show’s creative magnetic draw brings to the stage the talents of professional artists from China, Taiwan and North East England with the notion of breaking all communication barriers by replacing words with movement, music and dance [Classical and Contemporary].

Life after Life is a creative unification of East meets West – where the physical motion is brought to life and accompanied by a specially commissioned live soundtrack and delivered by a leading Taiwanese composer.

“…we don’t know where or when life started, but ever since that first spark was struck, the first breath taken, it has passed from generation to generation.”

Life after Life will intoxicate the audience with a storyline that conveys the adventurous journey of human existence from conception through to death (and beyond) – Yang has incorporated the innocence, intrigue and mythological prowess of ancient Chinese cultural philosophy that delves into the unknown. Posing the infinite question, “Is there an afterlife once our body breathes its last… where does the breathe of life go?”

This acts as a life-long emotional buffer that allows individuals to allay any fears about what will happen to their soul after death with the knowledge that people will be spiritually reborn.

Birth… baby… youth… adolescence… adult… grandparent… death… Rebirth…
Birth… baby… youth… adolescence… adult… grandparent… death… Rebirth…

The contemporary work has also been heavily influenced by the grace, elegance and purity of the natural world and Yang hopes people (dancers and audience) will digest Life after Life and inspire one another through culture.

Apple Yang is in an ideal place – physically, mentally and spiritually – to write and direct a piece of this type as she’s recently became a first-time mother (giving birth to a daughter, Isabel) during a chapter in her life that has seen big changes in her personal life (marriage) and professional life (the conception of APPETITE Dance productions).

Apple aspires for Life after Life to provide people with a chance to explore the inner depths and dimensions of Chinese culture, and gain a greater understanding of its heritage values.

“.. there is no such thing as an individual life but rather a chain of life, each connected to the one before and each leading to the one after. Life is continuous.”

Apple Yang, artistic director of APPETITE Dance productions, said: “I believe Life after Life is like a gift to the audience, providing them with a magical journey that enables people to explore quality movement and visualisations using an East meets West cultural balance.”

Apple (26) moved to Newcastle upon Tyne almost a decade ago from Beijing, to study performing arts and to seek the opportunity to develop her own unique dancing style. She feels there’s a special bond in place with the North East and its people; and Apple hopes that APPETITE Dance productions can be the perfect way to give something back, on creative and spiritual plane.

Apple wishes to be known as a choreographer in her own right and, not to be labelled as a ‘Chinese’ dancer, which is what often happens in society today – where people are pigeon holed by creed rather than by merit.

Apple describes her work as being simple but effective, entertaining, organic and beautiful on the eye. She adds: “I hope the piece will encourage people to be emotionally self-healed, comforted and be given the amazing opportunity of experiencing the joy and fulfilment of being loved.”

Life after Life has a development period of five weeks, and in that time Apple hopes the dancers from East and West enjoy the priceless cultural exchange (learning curve); enabling the professionals to sample different experiences from dialect to posture, characteristics to methodology and from creativity to national customs.

“… just as each life is a continuation of the life before, each character is built on the character traits of its ancestors, inheriting many of their strengths and weaknesses.”

Life after Life has enjoyed the kind support of Northern Rock Foundation, Awards for All, Newcastle City Council, Dance City and Arts Council England, North East.

The Next Move: If you would like to purchase tickets for Life after Life on Saturday 14 March at 19:30 / £10 / £8 (concs) / £5 (under 16’s) – then please contact the Dance City Box Office on (0191) 2610505, alternatively click on the following website

Details of a schools matinee performance can be found in the Notes to Editors section of this press release.

“…does the individual finally break free from the chain of physical existence? When the body breathes its last, where does the ‘Breath of Life’ go?”

“Hope, Love and Live”

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Extra Information:

1). Life after Life production credits:

Dancers: Maggie Kwan (China); Cody Choi (China); Emma Dunn (North East England); Wayne Summerbell (North East England) and Molly Hodkinson (North East England)

Composers / Musicians: Brendan Murphy (North East England) and Mung Ying (Taiwan) and Fang Fang (China).

(There will be an element of scored and improvised music during the live performance).

Costume Design and Realisation: Kate Eccles and Qiong Yang.

2). APPETITE Dance productions are a resident dance company of Newcastle-based Dance City – the National Dance Agency for Northern England. The company also enjoys delivering an education outreach arm to the business aimed at local schools (primary and secondary) and colleges.

3). There’s also a matinee performance of Life after Life on Friday 13th March at 14:00 – tickets are priced at £10 / £8 concs. / £5 under 16s and interested schools can also book their place on a special programme of workshops, for further details please contact Rebecca Hollingsworth on (0191) 2695583 or via emailing

Region: All
Start Date: 14/03/2009
End Date: 14/03/2009
Start Time: 19:30
Venue: Dance City
Venue Address: Temple Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Garry Smith
Phone: 0191 2625340