Legendary Film Restyled

Legendary Film Restyled

Kala Phool presents Mother India 21st Century Remix (MI21), a 45-minute live soundtrack performance piece that transforms one of India’s most powerful and iconic films into a must-see experience this summer.

Widely regarded as the Indian Gone With The Wind, the original film Mother India (1957), starring screen legends Nargis and Sunil Dutt, is best known for it’s iconic imagery and powerful storyline. It was also the first film from India to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and was only one vote away from winning.

MI21 remixes, re-edits and rescores the original 3-hour epic into a 45-minute silent film over which lead artist DJ Tigerstyle, one of the worlds top turntablists, has created a contemporary electronic and strings based score to convey the passion and myriad of emotions expressed on-screen. DJ Tigerstyle is accompanied by Matt Constantine on the keyboards and electric cello, David Shaw on the drums and Josh Ford on visuals. 

MI21 in no way challenges the original film, but highlights how, even after 52 years, the characters, social issues and underlying themes of Mother India transcend cultural constraints, to give audiences of every colour, creed, age and religion an identifying factor, whether they have seen the original version, or not. It also makes MI21 accessible on every level, whether you’re a film lover or academic or a DJ or community activist.

Indy Hunjan, founder and director of Kala Phool has been conceptualising MI21 for 10 years and when Kala Phool celebrated its tenth anniversary last year she felt the time was right to give life to this epic project.

“Mother India is incredible,” she says, “and seeing such a strong female lead role in a film from a socialist era with all the myriad of issues, it’s easy to see its relevance in today’s society, across cultures and beliefs.
“Getting the right team has been imperative from the start. I have taken the best from Rising Styles, the hip hop festival I run, to artists who I’ve met and music I’ve heard. Ultimately MI21 has only been achieved through the calibre of artists and visual editor involved.”

Indy adds: “I still can’t get over how amazing the performance is and continue to be moved by its sheer brilliance every time I see it.”
Beginning its tour this August MI21 will travel across the UK, with an international tour commencing in 2010. In select cities there will also be panel discussions and extended DJ sets by DJ Tigerstyle, alongside the performance.

Get a 10-minute taster of MI21 on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQNHjrZ2l3k

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