KITAAB: A platform of multicultural writing

KITAAB: A platform of multicultural writing

Words are a priceless commodity that play a major role in our social and professional lives; whether it’s in the form of an official letter, a signpost or an article on the pages of a magazine.

Words can also be put down onto paper for people to express their thoughts and emotions, a method that succeeds where sometimes the spoken word can fail.

The ‘spoken word’ can often cause problems when people from different cultures try to converse, as bridging the language barrier can sometimes prove difficult to pursue.

Poets and authors use the wonder of words to scribe their life experiences, which are then turned into novels or collections of verse that can be translated into hundreds of languages from around the world.

Pakistan Cultural Society (PCS) & Durham Book Festival 2008 presents:

KITAAB: A platform of multicultural writing
18-22 October
Durham, North East England

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In October, the North East region will enjoy Durham Book Festival 2008. The literary showcase aims to offer something for everyone, with a wide range of events across Durham City and County to inspire, excite and challenge people of all ages.

One of those showcases is called KITAAB: A platform of multicultural writing and looks to introduce readings, debate and enlightenment across four extra special key events.

A strand of KITAAB focuses upon people who adapt to living their lives between two cultures, which is a common theme that runs throughout modern day Britain. This can be the result of people whose parents have moved to the United Kingdom from a different country to pursue the opportunity of starting a new life, or, another case can be those individuals who’ve moved to the UK to study and achieve a career goal.

KITAAB is a partnership collaboration between Durham Book Festival 2008 and the Pakistan Cultural Society (PCS).


Event Description:

KITAAB will fuse together the talents of internationally renowned writers and performers with the refreshing writing skills of local people.

The events will include the exciting ingredients of readings, Q&A’s, debate and energetic performance.


The extremely important local element will be provided by a group of people who’ve been creatively involved in an amazing project entitled CHANGING PERSPECTIVES 2.

The project has seen aspiring writers from the North East’s African community record their memories and stories, the results being a collection of writing entitled, Streams of the Soul: an Anthology of Poetry and Prose.

The creative work is described as having “ ageless quality… reflecting the experiences of Africans in the North East with reassuring authenticity.”


Quote One:

Munmun KC, Director of the Pakistan Cultural Society (PCS), said: “Books are a great way for people to tell their stories and profess the priceless power of words.”

“Through the generations of time, members of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community have persevered with society to enable their voice to be heard; these experiences can combine to create a fascinating read when the crucial details are recorded onto paper. This is when people can delve into the minds and lives of individuals and their families, to try and visualise the kind of journeys people undertake from different cultures.”

“We hope that KITAAB will provide an avenue for expression and discussion – enabling this collective voice to be heard by new audiences.”

Quote Two:

Rebecca Pelly-Fry, Operations & Events Manager for Durham City Arts, said: “The Durham Book Festival seeks to explore how people feel about reading and books.”

“What do books mean to us? Are they a source of comfort, or of knowledge, a handy helper or a way to escape the daily grind? Do you read newspapers, magazines, books, websites, blogs or e-readers? The ten day festival will explore all of these and more and discover a new way of enjoying the written and spoken word.”


The Next Move:

The Durham Book Festival takes place between 17th – 26th October and for further information please contact the official Festival Box Office on (0191) 3324041 or you can book tickets online via

The various KITAAB events will take place between 18th-22nd October.

Celebrate your passion for books.

If you would like to learn more information about the work being produced by the Pakistan Cultural Society in the North East region please visit their official website

KITAAB – read, learn, listen and have fun!


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