Humili-Asian – Wet Your Appetite with Humour

Humili-Asian - Wet Your Appetite with Humour

Humili-Asian, the amateur comedy night was set up to give up and coming talent a platform to perform. After a roaring success last year, the usual suspects were back by popular demand! Humili-Asian’s second time in the limelight hosted an eclectic mix of unpolished stand up comedians and boasted additional new and unrefined talent. It promised to be a must see performance for everyone, and delivered on all accounts.

Music was provided throughout the night by Russell Peters after party DJ’s; lovesoul. They offered an assemblage of classic r and b and legendary hip hop tunes, which they clearly had a passion for. Their occasional spats of dancing around the DJ stand were justified and provided unscheduled and impromptu entertainment in between the main events.

Presenter and compère Chiggy P maintained the energy and humour in between sets and successfully facilitated a natural flow for the night. Characteristically, he offered no rest bite from the laughter and giggles.

Opening act Amit Sodha, eased the audience into a night of side splitting humour, discussing his humorous take on life, and even went as far as to dance for the audience before bulldozing into his set. He expressed a calm demeanour with a ‘cheekiness’ that only someone of his statue could get away with.

Second comedian Jiten Patel electrified the audience with his unstoppable energy, delighting us with comedy, drama and some MC’ing. I’m sure he could have continued a set back to back without breaking a sweat, for he exuberated confidence and excitement, all at the same time!. This ‘Jack in the box Jiten’ would have audiences coming back for more, just to get another hit of his happy pill.

Third comedian Humza Ahmed braved a tough crowd in his début performance. His charming presence kept the audience interested and even though nerves surfaced, he prevailed and continued with his set. Although softly spoken, he ensured he made an impression, offering humours, anecdotes and whimsical entertainment. This newbie is set to keep audiences gripped and giggling once he finds his feet.

Thus far, the elements of the show slot together superbly to that of a carefully selected menu. The music like a fine wine, the presenter and acts, like the main course…But no feast is complete without the long awaited dessert.

The final comedian of the night Hyde Panaser kept the audience riveted and engaged for over an hour. Demonstrating a stage presence and comedic value I would expect from a pro who’s been on the stand-up circuit for years.

Even though still very much an amateur, his style and delivery had the audience gasping for air in between explosions of laughter and thunderous applause, and also had them poised and anticipating the next joke.

His playful attitude supported with a well developed act could certainly be the perfect platform to elevate him from amateur status. His innate ability to relax the crowd as though he were entertaining us in his living room, was the appropriate breeding ground for luring the audience into a false sense of security.

Hyde throws out the old rule book of considerate heckling etiquette by thrusting the whole auditorium in to public exposure and embarrassment, which had audience members ducking for cover as soon as he said ‘lights’! Unfortunately, while Hyde was stealing the crowd, his very own car was being stolen from the car park. Having spoken to Hyde, he assured me that there would be something he could salvage and use for his set!

Although laughter was not a guarantee for the night, it certainly was accomplished, and Humili-Asian was abundant, but not the humiliation of the comedians. All comedians were humble, characteristically controversial and gave the audience what they wanted. You can catch Humili-Asian with a new addition on the 27 July 2008 back at Watermans, Brentford, a show not to be missed.

By Kavita Sohanta

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Start Date: 27/07/2008
End Date: 27/07/2008
Start Time: 18.30
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