Des OConnor, a professional Dating and Life Coach, is holding an exciting whole-day workshop in London, designed to help Black Women find and attract a Good Black Man.

“How To Find And Attract A Good Black Man” was created by Des after a Workshop run by him for XfactorDates, the largest speed-dating company in the UK. There were 70 single women attending, ten of whom were black. These 10 women demanded that Des run a workshop dedicated to Black Women and this is the result

It appeared to Des that there were a lot of single, professional, ambitious, strong Black Women who just wanted to find that special, good man to share their lives. Des has researched and learned ways that such women can find and attract that good man and has encapsulated them into his one-day programme. Des feels that he can be the “voice” of that Good Black Man and can impart his techniques on attraction to enhance the romantic lives of Black Women everywhere.

Des assists single women to live their best life and to be the best they can in all they do and ‘How To Find And Attract A Good Black Man” is an event that will provide help for single Black Women seeking to increase their chances of finding that Good Black Man. It is an opportunity for women to evaluate themselves, show them where to find these Good Black Men and to use simple, proven methods to attract them.

For over 3 years as a Life and Dating Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Mentor, Des has specialised in helping women find their true potential and to work with them to establish why they feel they are still single and to find positive solutions to increase their chances of finding the man to share their life. Des’s approach helps each woman’s realise that, in order for changes to occur in their lives, they need to work on themselves and he can inspire them and teach them how, instilling in them confidence that they can attract the man they want.

Des’s website,, is dedicated to helping women to attract the man they want. The site was created to enable single Women to “wipe the slate clean” of previous failures and to be in a place in their lives where they are a whole person and to focus on what they want in for their future.

Each Black Woman who leaves this Workshop will have a greater understanding of Black Men and how to use the social tools and resources Des imparts to them to find and attract the man of their dreams. This Workshop is designed to be so successful that the attendees may be spoilt for choice!

Apart from public Workshops, Des provides other methods of coaching to suit every individual. Coaching can be done via e-mail, the telephone, as one-to-one sessions and even to escort Black Women to attend social events such as parties, weddings, the gym, networking events and raves. There, Des can boost their confidence and support them in the techniques they have learned. Assisting at social occasions is done very subtly and no one will know that Des is their dating coach. This is an extremely popular and successful way of implementing the techniques of finding and attracting that special man.

So, if you’re fed up waiting for that Special Man to come into your life and want to know what makes a Black Man tick, where they hang out and how to fast-track your dating success, this Workshop is for you.

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