Gospel Workshops Set To Pave The Way For Healthy Vocals in Black Churches

Gospel Workshops Set To Pave The Way For Healthy Vocals in Black Churches

Announcing: Launch of Gospel Adrenaline London Masterclass Series 2011 to take place at Lime Door Studios, Central London this March.

Gospel Adrenaline is a series of fully comprehensive vocal workshops designed to equip the struggling church vocalist with the correct tools for singing gospel whether in the choir or worship team. Starting on March 26 and spread over seven Saturdays, Gospel Adrenaline provides the ministry focused singer with an outlet to free their vocals and release their passion for singing and worship.

Former choir singer and worship leader Dionne Shand, who has been trained by some of the best vocal coaches in the UK including Kim Chandler, Dane Chaflin, Mary Hammond and Dr Ria Keen, put the workshops together after so many singers from church booked onto her private lessons. She said: “Poor vocal training is killing many singers’ voices in choirs and praise teams. The demand for volume and power in the voice has taken precedence over understanding the technique required to achieve it. Volume and power is unsustainable if you don’t know how to do it properly. We wouldn’t expect a preacher to preach without having trained and studied all his craft, yet we demand people to sing without crafting their voice for worship with proper training. I think the general belief is that vocal training is not important, that if you can hold a note you can sing. But this is the wrong attitude.”

A 2006 US survey by The National Black Association of Speech Language and Hearing revealed that 85 % of African Americans surveyed felt that singers were more likely to have a voice disorder and that they would not seek professional advice to restore the voice.

Dionne adds: “Based on this survey, I believe that it is time that churches take singers seriously and invest in more than the choir gown. Yes there are some people who can sing effortlessly, but the vast majority of people in the choir or praise team are struggling and need urgent help.”

Gospel Adrenaline is designed to restore, develop and build strong vocals that attendees can confidently take back to their choirs or praise teams. Attendees will also benefit from 30 days follow up support after the course has ended.

7 Sessions are

Gospel Vocals
Beyond the diaphragm
Gospel Power
Sweet Harmonies
Runs and rifts
Lead Singing
Full Gospel Stage Performance© with live backing band.

Places are limited to 10 per class. Men and Women Welcome. Beginners and Intermediates

For full detail and course prices visit http://www.sosvocaltrainingbeds.co.uk/gaworkshops11_36.html

Or call 07733 53 45 29

Region: All
Venue: Lime Door Studios
Venue Address: Plough Yard, 16 Hewett Street
Website: http://www.sosvocaltrainingbeds.co.uk/gaworkshops11_36.html
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Name: Dionne
Phone: 07733534529