Glasgow’s Be Halal exhibition partners up with Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC


Halal Monitoring Committee have announced their sponsorship of Scotland’s first ‘Be Halal’ Exhibition

On 10 October, 2010, from 12pm till 7pm, Glasgow Central Mosque Hall will play host to the UK’s first Be Halal exhibition, showcasing a free day of excellent Halal entertainment and exhibitions, providing something for the whole family to enjoy. The event will be a fresh and exciting way of bringing Halal products and suppliers together with the prosperous Muslim Community in Scotland and provide the opportunity for traditional Muslim-focused companies to expand their customer base and showcase genuine products and services. Further information including sponsorship and exhibition details can be found at

Event Organisers, Oceanic Consultancy are pleased to announce sponsorship of the event from the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC). The HMC was established in early 2003 consisting of various Ulama (Muslim Scholars) and figures from diverse backgrounds. HMC has been set up to work in the favour of all Muslims; consumers, retailers and suppliers.

The Halal Monitoring Committee is an ideal sponsor of the event as their aims go hand in hand with the ‘Be Halal’ exhibition in promoting traditional Muslim focused businesses. Halal Monitoring Committee spokesperson stated;

“The Halal monitoring Committee is proud to be a sponsor at the Be Halal event in Glasgow and wishes for this event to be a success in every way possible. The Halal market in general has seen many doubtful practices taking place including an incident where “qurbani” meat in Scotland was being sold as Halal. However the ritual and slaughter was actually carried out by a non Muslim. Such practices and other evidences of malpractices have ever more reinforced the need of such robust and continuous monitoring systems within the Halal market. We look forward in meeting many people at this event and hope to answer any concerns and questions that members of the public may have.”

The HMC aims to regulate and inspect Halal products from the sources to the consumer. This is done by means of thorough inspections, continuous checks, labelling and sealing of these consumables, which are continuously monitored by HMC trained inspectors, thus overcoming the many doubtful issues arising with regards to Islamic diet by providing the public the reassurance of genuine Halal products, not just because it says Halal, it must also be Halal. By implementing an authenticated system, the Muslim public can have full confidence and assurance in their choice of buying HMC certified products leaving no doubts in their minds.

Amit Arora, Business Development Director with event organisers Oceanic consulting said;

“As a leading organisation in the promotion of Halal goods in the UK, the Halal Monitoring Committee’s presence at the Be Halal event will highlight the traditional Islamic aspects of Halal. HMC will help to raise the overall profile of Halal within the Scottish markets and provide a strong platform from which to launch the campaign.”

The day’s most unique entertainment will showcase the vocal talents of numerous budding Islamic artists in a series of round elimination followed by a final. The winner will be chosen by an external judge as yet to be confirmed and there are various prizes up for grabs. Spaces are still available to perform at the Islamic Factor on 10 October, 2010, from 12pm till 7pm. The competition is Nasheed singing only and all entrants should prepare three songs if they wish for a chance to progress to the semi finals/ finals. For more information concerning the Islamic factor or to enter the competition, please send an email to or call 0141 420 1333

The event on 10th October, 2010 is part of a much bigger campaign by Be Halal which will further see the launch of an online directory as well as the launch of a bi-annual magazine and thus the continual promotion of Be Halal in the coming years. More information, including Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities can be found on the official website

Other sponsors of Be Halal include Lyca Mobile, Single and Oceanic Hair and Beauty.

Exhibitors include; Simras Fashion House, Delicious Too, Je Roche Fashion House, Saima Jewles, Candylicious, Amina-Muslim resource centre, Taj Mahal and the Well Foundation.

Be Halal’s official charity partners are Islamic Relief and Kidney Research UK.

Region: All
Start Date: 10/10/2010
End Date:
Start Time: 12:00 to 19:00
Venue: Glasgow Central Mosque
Venue Address: Mosque Avenue
Press Tickets: Not Available
Sponsorship: Available
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Name: Raj Mariappan
Phone: 0141 420 1333