Giving artists from culturally diverse backgrounds the opportunity to take part in the performing arts showcase of 2007

Giving artists from culturally diverse backgrounds the opportunity to take part in the performing arts showcase of 2007

Artists working within music, theatre, spoken word, dance or combined arts are invited to apply to take part the decibel Performing Arts Showcase Birmingham 2007.

The 2007 showcase aims to present work from the best performing artists and companies of African, Asian and Caribbean origin based in England. It is an un-missable opportunity for artists to get their work in front of an audience of international and national promoters, producers, artistic directors, agents and venue managers.

The 2007 Showcase will build on the outstanding achievements of previous showcases held in 2003 and 2005, the latter being attended by 370 delegates and generating in the region of £260,500 in bookings for artists.

The third decibel Performing Arts Showcase will take place in Birmingham from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th September 2007.

On Monday 3rd there will be an international conference, exploring the themes and issues of culturally diverse work within the international context. High profile speakers with international reputations from around the world will present to an international audience.

Between Tuesday 4th and Friday 7th the showcase will present an exciting, high quality programme incorporating work that is ready for touring, work still in progress and creative concepts and ideas that can be pitched to an audience of delegates looking to commission new work. In addition, there will be opportunities for artists to meet and network with the delegates and other artists to assist with partnerships collaborations

Further information including the background to and objectives of the showcase, how artists can apply to take part and how delegates can register can be found on the official showcase website

Artists wishing to apply to the showcase can also receive further information and assistance with the application process by attending one of the “artists’ surgeries” being held across the country in July and October.

For many artists the showcase will be an unprecedented opportunity to present their work to artistic and cultural planners, producers and promoters and increase their touring potential, nationally and internationally. For delegates, this 5-day event will offer the chance of experiencing the highest calibre culturally diverse artists in England.

The previous showcases have produced notable benefits and successes for many artists who took part; these include South Asian theatre company Rasa Productions (Pooja, Dancing Within Walls and the Curry Tales); the national poetry organisation Apples and Snakes (Chinese Whispers); physical theatre actor Benji Reid (13 Mics & Niels; Frames of Mind). The exciting young Jazz Trumpeter Abram Wilson says:
“decibel 2005 was incredibly helpful as it enabled me to showcase my music to an audience that artists can normally only dream of – a room full of promoters and festival producers, many of whom are very often difficult to access – and, as a result, opened up a host of new opportunities which otherwise might have been missed or even might not have existed at all were it not for the showcase.”

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