‘Full Circle’ by Kobus Moolman

Blue Hug Theatre Company present the UK premiere of this award winning play by critically acclaimed South African poet and playwright Kobus Moolman. Full Circle won the 2004 Performing Arts Network of South Africa Audience Award for new writing before transferring to the world famous Market Theatre, Johannesburg. This production will be the first time the play has been seen outside South Africa.

A UK Premiere. Directed by Rachel Briscoe. Designed by James Humphrey. Lighting design by Katherine Williams. Cast: Sarah Caltieri, Steven Farah, Jack Klaff, Richard Pepple

Fifteen years ago, Meisie and Boetie’s father was killed when his car was hijacked. Meisie was with her father in the car but, being blind, she did not see the hijacker’s face. The police never found the killer but Meisie never forgot the voice that had laughed as her father was shot.

South Africa 1994. Now, Meisie and Boetie live with their uncle on what remains of the family farm: the end of the apartheid era has caused a sharp decline in their fortunes. With other white Afrikaner extremists, they plan to attack South Africa’s first democratically elected government. One day, a black police inspector arrives at the farm. The cause of his visit is routine but to Meisie he seems strangely familiar…

Full Circle is an explosive drama exploring religious fundamentalism, terrorism and fear in a post-apartheid South Africa where things can no longer be seen as simply black and white. While what unfolds during the course of this gripping play is entirely imagined, the background events are real: the subject matter draws on the boeremag, a planned attack on Mandela’s new government by white Afrikaner farmers. Full Circle exposes the threat that lies within the shadow of the Rainbow Nation, an opposition motivated by unassailable belief in a god-given right to supremacy and dominion.

The racial tension which extended beyond the destruction of the apartheid system is embodied in the clash between Inspector Thulani Zuma, a Black policeman sent to investigate the suspected terrorist activities of the Le Roux family, and the family, who are leading members of a white neo-Nazi organisation committed to bringing down the newly elected African National Congress. Zuma’s optimism about the future of the Rainbow Nation is embodied in the generosity he extends to the white supremacists, who ultimately bring about his downfall.

Free post-show discussions: 9th and 15th November

Audio described performances :3rd, 9th and 16th November

Region: All
Start Date: 31/10/2006
End Date: 18/11/2006
Start Time: 20:00
Venue: Oval House Theatre
Venue Address: 52-54 Kennington Oval, London
Website: http://www.ovalhouse.com
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