Festival to mark 60 years of Pakistan’s independence

Festival to mark 60 years of Pakistan

London: To mark 60 years of Pakistan’s independence, Pakistan’s envoy to Britain, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi has announced that a festival will take place in London on 28 July 2007, comprising a parade and a style-n-sound show.

The parade will consist of a pipe band from Pakistan, a British band of the Life Guards, as well as floats depicting the colours of Pakistan.

At Trafalgar Square a six hour show will proceed at around 1 p.m. with a cultural extravaganza followed by pop, bhangra and folk music. A star-studded cast has been lined up including Abrar-ul-Haq, Hadiqa Kiyani, Ali Zafar and Jawad Ahmed.

Colourful stalls offering Pakistani cuisine and displaying Pakistani products and handicrafts will create a ‘mela’ or festival atmosphere. Fashion icon Maheen Khan’s urban fashion line couture inspired by Pakistani truck art will also be on display.

Special T-shirts and caps as well as other souvenirs will be distributed while participants are being requested to bring as many Pakistani flags as possible.

The festival will provide an opportunity to show Pakistan’s rich heritage, economic dynamism and vibrant and diverse culture. The show will also reflect the beauty of the land, its music and its people. This will also be an opportunity for British Pakistanis to celebrate their achievements and accomplishments in different walks of life in the UK. Several sports and showbiz personalities are expected to join the parade.

The festival is free and is expected to attract
a large number of British Pakistanis as well as members of the host community.

Geo’s live coverage of most of the Festival will enable Pakistanis across the world to watch and therefore be part of the celebration.

Colourful flyers and publicity material being distributed about the Pakistan Festival invites people to the free event, describing it as a star-studded afternoon party in London this summer.

The parade will begin at 1.30 pm and culminate at 2.30 pm at Trafalgar Square. The show at Trafalgar Square will start at 1 pm and conclude at 7 pm.

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