Family celebrate Diwali together for first time in seven years

Family celebrate Diwali together for first time in seven years

Living on opposite sides of the world, Diwali is often a difficult time for 24 year old Becky King and her family. Currently living in London, the majority of Becky’s family, including her grandmother are split between Malaysia and Australia.

With Diwali being a time to focus on family, their geographical locations make it impossible to truly enjoy the celebrations each year without one another. Seven years ago they were united for Diwali in Malaysia where 30 members of the family celebrated together, this was the first and last time they were all together for the festivities.

Although they are separated by over 6,000 miles, this year the family are celebrating the occasion together face-to-face, via video on Skype. They will discuss everything from their household preparations and tips on cooking the perfect curry to showing off the new outfits bought to symbolise new beginnings.

‘Skype makes it so much easier for the family to come together to celebrate this special festival. Diwali is a time where we are hopeful and positive and being able to see your family even though they are on the other side of the world makes such a difference’; says Becky.

‘After the first set of prayers we all take it in turns to catch up on the gossip and find out what is happening in each other’s lives. Skype is especially important to my mother and aunt as they are able to keep in touch with family and friends on a daily basis who are spread far and wide across the globe – it really is a part of their everyday lives. After years apart it’s also enabled them to celebrate Diwali as a whole family again.’

This year the family based in the UK will be spending Diwali in London and will be calling family and friends across the globe together. At a time when family is at the forefront of their minds, Skype makes celebrating this event possible even though they all live thousands of miles apart.

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