Exhibition of Patinings: Routes through Bengal to the Roots of India

Exhibition of Patinings: Routes through Bengal to the Roots of India

Papia Ghoshal, Yakub Chitrakar and Ram Kumar Manna

Three eminent Bengali artists are coming together to show how the various paths their artforms take through the life and culture of contemporary Bengal are nourished by their common roots in the traditions of India.

The exhibition has the common theme of ‘Hindu Mythology and its Roots’. Each artist has adopted a different medium to present the same mythology. Yakub paints his scrolls with local vegetable colours; Ramkumar works in the local terracotta to sculpture his folk forms; and Papia draws profoundly on her Hindu mythological roots to enrich her highly original interpretation of contemporary society and its crises.

One of the most significant and controversial of a new generation of Indian artists, Papia Ghoshal is presenting a series of works based on Indian goddesses-including transformations of Kali and Durga-adapting their traditional forms to capture the innate powers that all women possess.

Scroll painter Yakub Chitrakar has created a new language in his paintings, aligning Hindu mythological stories in folk form with subjects such as the September 11th attack. An award winning artist, Chitrakar composes his songs first and only then does he paint each frame. His works have been extensively captured in the Bengali film, Shilpanta (Colours of Hunger).

A leading practitioner in terracotta sculpture, Ram Kumar Manna’s reputation extends throughout India. His works are based on rural studies of traditional forms, with great influence from Hindu mythological figures. He has experimented relentlessly with forms and styles, discovering his own idiom and visual language. His awards include the Lalit Kala Academy Award- 2003, West Bengal Handicraft Board Award and Kamataka Chitrakala Parishad Award.

Inauguration: Lord Cardross, son of the Ear of Buchan, has designed some amazing glass architectural installations in the Middle East and Europe.

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