Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises Inc


Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises Inc. is the UK premiere of a new work by internationally acclaimed Taiwanese artist Chen Chieh-jen.

This new three-screen HD video installation and photographic archive is based on a number of documents the artist’s late father left behind, which painted an intriguing picture of a life lived in cold-war secrecy. As Chen said, his father rarely talked about his work; the only fact he acknowledged was that the autobiography he wrote was fictional. These curious circumstances provide the inspiration for Chen’s new video installation, which shows the legacy of the cold war in the contemporary politics of global trade and neoliberal economics.

Chen Chieh-jen sees his work as ‘an act of connection, linking together the history of people who have been excluded from the dominant discourse.’ Almost all of Chen’s recent films have dealt with the impact of global capitalism on individuals, through various systems of exchange. Earlier works, like Factory or Bade Area showed the dehumanising impact of the free movement of goods on the lives of ordinary workers. In Empire’s Borders I, the artist shifted his attention to personal stories of migration, told in the words of Chinese immigrants in Taiwan and Taiwanese emigrants to the USA. Some of these earlier films will be shown in special screenings at Chinese Arts Centre. Please check Chinese Arts Centre’s website for details.

The exhibition is presented by Chinese Arts Centre as part of AND Festival and is curated by Dr Marko Daniel with Yu-Ling Chou as assistant curator.

The exhibition is made possible with support from the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan.

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Venue: Chinese Arts Centre
Venue Address: Market Buildings, Thomas Street
Website: http://www.chinese-arts-centre.org/http:/www.chinese-arts-centre.org/main-gallery/chen-chieh-jen/
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