Dance Without Movement

Dance Without Movement

Peshkar Productions return with a dark and comic production – Dance Without Movement, written by female artist in residence Sophia Rashid. This is a one woman theatre piece, inspired by the many characters Sophia has come across as a young British Pakistani woman from Oldham.

The story is about Zuleikha who is struggling to distinguish her identity in a world of clashing faiths, families and fabric. Zuleikha is a sister, daughter, Friend, Wife, Muslim, Pakistani, Asian, British, but does she really know who she is?

The production follows the journey of Zuleikha’s self-discovery against the surroundings of a northern mill town and her close-knit Pakistani community.

Writer Sophia Rashid said: “Being Pakistani, Muslim, Female, British etc. I can relate to many other females out there. This is a simple story, and its simplicity is its beauty. People try and complicate too many things in life and ‘Zuleikha’ is an example of this.”

Dance Without Movement has been created for all age-ranges and communities, and offers an insight into the British Asian experience. Blending multiple styles and influences, Sophia uses Punjabi dialogue, old folk music for the elders along with contemporary dialogue and music for the younger age groups. The stories and characters revealed in Dance Without Movement resonate with all and bring to the forefront our shared experiences as people.

This first phase of the production is targeted at local communities and offered for free. Audiences will also have the chance to participate in a Q&A session at the end

Sophia added: “People complain about the way Asians are represented on TV, but when they can actually make a change they don’t do anything. Through watching Asian theatre they will get to see a different side to story telling. Stories don’t begin and end just in front of the box.”

Tuesday 17th July, 7.00pm at the Honeywell Centre, Ashton Road, Oldham
Thursday 19th July, 7.00pm at the Millennium Centre, Featherstall Road, Oldham
Saturday 21st July, 7.00pm at the Old Museum, Greaves Street, Oldham
Please call 0161 624 2829 to reserve seat(s)

Region: All
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Name: Peshkar Productions
Phone: 0161 624 2829