Colombiage ’09


Colombia is approximately the same size as France, Portugal and Spain combined, with a population of 37 million. Its borders are shared with Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Panama, and defined by the shores of both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Geographically and culturally Colombia is in the centre of things with influences coming from everywhere, as well as having its own unique cultural history, and it’s the range, depth and history of the country which is being highlighted by Colombiage.

This October will see an array of Colombian arts presented in London by Colombiage ’09, all designed to promote contemporary art and culture from Colombia in the UK. For the weekend of 17/18 October Colombia comes to Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios. On offer will be a taste of Colombia as potent as their local firewater, aguardiente.

The fragrances, tastes, images, rhythms and thoughts of modern Colombia will be represented by a hand-picked selection of artists, musicians, authors and filmmakers.

Colombiage is a multi-disciplinary festival (now in its 3rd year) showcasing the best of art and culture currently being created in Colombia. Besides the outstanding talent premiered since its inception, Colombiage ’07 and ’08 succeeded in attracting diverse audiences and reviving interest in Colombia as a place with a wealth, and considerable history, of cultural diversity which remains unknown to many outside of the country. Colombiage ’09 promises to surpass previous events encouraging many more people to see past the headlines and focus on the innate vibrancy of Colombian culture.

Colombiage ’09 highlights:

· music, with La Mojarra Electrica straight out of 19th Street in Bogotá with their new Afro-Colombian urban sound which melds folkloric Colombian rhythms with the Afro-American jazz of Miles Davis and Coltrane by way of Cuban songo and timba and Jamaican reggae and raggamuffin;

· literature with author Carolina Sanín, who was born in Bogotá, and holds a Ph.D. in Spanish literature from Yale University and teaches at Purchase College-State University of New York. Her novel Todo en otra parte (Seix-Barral) was published in 2005 and she writes a weekly column for the Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

– and Ramón Chao who is a distinguished writer and journalist. He was chief editor for the Latin American service of Radio France Internationale, and worked for Le Monde and Le Monde Diplomatique. His book The Train of Ice and Fire tells the story of the infamous tour of Colombia made by Mano Negra in 1993, which ultimately led to their break-up and set (Ramón’s son) Manu Chao off on his new musical path to becoming one of the best known and most popular musicians on the planet;

· and cinema, with screenings of Lisandro Duque’s “The Actors In The Conflict”, an engaging satire about three mime actors suddenly hauled into deep political conflict and a late alteration, sneak peek of “Entre Nos (Directors: Gloria La Morte, Paola Mendoza)

As well as what promises to be a fascinating discussion: “Three Colombian Filmmakers In Conversation” This rare discussion will focus on the state of creativity, production and international potential of Colombian cinema today through the eyes of three of the nation’s most accomplished directors: Sergio Cabrera, Lisandro Duque and Oscar Campo.

Education: “Making Colombia” Is going to be a fun, arty Colombian
workshop for kids between 5 and 14 years old in which they embark on a
journey in 5 categories:

1. Music (ages: 8 to 14)
2. Poetry & short stories (ages: 8 to14)
3. Dance (ages: 5 to 10)
4. Handcraft (ages 5 to 10)

Additional and background information

The festival was conceived as “collage” of talent, art forms and audiences; an alternative space for stimulating dialogues between Colombia and the UK, a space that would inspire new types of collaboration, encounters and discoveries.

The unquestionable success of the first two editions of Colombiage not only ascertained that audiences around the world were ready to learn something new about a culture that has long-been associated with negative stereotypes but it also confirmed our deep-rooted belief that Colombia has the potential to become a major cultural force on the international stage.

This is why every year we are committed to developing a programme of outstanding music, film, literature and more, celebrating the richness and diversity of Colombian culture today.

Here we have Colombia – a country going through what is arguably one of the most exciting times in the history of its arts scene – and England, a country that is proudly and forever embracing diversity.

Colombiage looks to bring these two cultures together through a sustainable platform of intercultural exchange, which gives London audiences a new point of reference for Colombia and Colombians living in London an opportunity to reconnect with their country’s culture.

We invite you to take a glimpse at some of the work we have achieved over the past two years and join us in celebrating and promoting a culture that has a lot to offer the rest of the world.

COLOMBIAGE was launched in 2007 and is the UK’s first annual celebration of contemporary Colombian arts and culture with the aim of showing the rest of the world the diversity of Colombian culture while giving birth to a creative platform of intercultural exchange between Colombia and the UK.

Colombiage was inspired by the need to show the other face of Colombia and there is no better way to do it than through its vibrant arts scene. Our aim is to educate, inspire and entertain.

We are a non-profit organisation and our goal is to become the leading platform for the promotion of contemporary Colombian arts and culture in Europe, giving Colombia’s artistic talent a meaningful voice on the international stage while forging a strong cultural identity for Colombians living outside their country.

Region: All
Start Date: 17/10/2009
End Date: 18/10/2009
Start Time: 1100 Both Days
Venue: Riverside Studios
Venue Address: Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
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Name: Gerry Lyseight
Phone: 020 7095 8146