Cathartic Cuts: Sweet or Sour’s first curated exhibition

French performance maker Tonny A (Sweet & Sour, In the Shadows of Senghor & Generation Next) is currently teaming up with up and coming photographer Sonalle Maroo and Illustrator Daishu Ma on the Mixed media exhibition Cathartic Cuts.

This exciting triple collaboration, which opens at the Upstairs Gallery of The Blue Elephant Theatre on Tuesday 19th May 2009, looks behind the scene of Tonny A’s new pieces of performance art, Short Cut(s) & Catharsis, aiming to give a personal insight into the different stages of each piece’s creative process. Showcasing a body of photographic work which captures the physical strength of the body and series of drawings exposing the vulnerable side of the soul – or vice versa – Cathartic Cuts explores further some of the existentialist themes that Tonny A will tackle in both Short Cut(s) and Catharsis.

Daishu Ma is an illustrator whose work has been linked with poetry, short stories, folk tales and performance art. Her illustrations explore the languages of story telling through constructing theatrical imagery that weaves together complex narratives, moods and human emotions. Trained in classical oriental art, her illustrations are primarily drawn and painted by hand. Daishu completed her MA in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and is currently working with projects based in London and China.
Sonalle Maroo travelled alone for almost Ten years through Europe, Asia and Latin America observing and participating in the kaleidoscope of cultures and sights encountered. She has worked alongside numerous successful photographers in New York and Paris, coupled with developing several diverse photographic projects in selected cities worldwide. Since her recent return to London, Sonalle has assisted Magnum Photographer, Mr. Chris Steele-Perkins, whilst creating many thought-provoking and issue-based assignments that have raised public consciousness. Her latest project Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Survivors can currently be seen King’s Cross’s Housmans bookshop (

Cathartic Cuts runs from Tuesday 19th May to 13th June 2009, accompanying Tonny A’s double bill of performance art, which opens on Thursday 11th June 2009 for a 3 nights run only at The Blue Elephant Theatre. The exhibition is organized by Sweet or Sour in association with the Blue Elephant Theatre; it first offers for a few days an outlook on Daishu’s previous existing work before presenting the outcomes of Sonalle, Daishu’s collaborations with Tonny and its performers for the remaining of its run.

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