Carnival Del Pueblo

Reggaeton, a spicy, urban beat of the Latino fusion of hip-hop and rap, originating in Panama and the Caribbean is now taking the world by storm and will sweep across south London on August 6 at the annual Latin American carnival in Burgess Park.

The sound, best known in Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina, is the latest club beat to
hit London, and will have its own platform at the Carnaval Del Pueblo. ‘Andy Boy’ with his number 1 hit ‘Antesala’ will be flown in direct from Puerto Rico to perform on the main stage.
The organisers are expecting more than 100,000 people to watch the carnival parade, which leaves City Hall on Tooley Street at 12pm sharp and works its way dramatically to Burgess Park via Elephant and Castle, see the world Salsa
dance champions (Las Vegas), Ricardo Murillo and Viviana Vargas) on the main stage and sip Caphirina, the latest Brazilian cocktail in the park with its 4 stages and open air dance class wooden floor.

More than 19 Latin American countries are involved in the eighth Carnaval Del Pueblo, which will feature Canella, a tremendous 13 piece stunning, all women ‘salsa brava’ orchestra brought in direct from Cali,Colombia, Los Embajadores Vallenatos with their deliciously romantic and danceable accordion rhythms likewise and Andy Boy, adored Reggeaton star from Puerto Rico.

With pride, Carnaval Del Pueblo also presents ‘The Latin Girls’, from the heart
of the grass roots Latino community right here in London. They are 3 beautifully talented, experienced Colombian girls (Ayra-Valentina
Riddell-Morales,8, Angie Gonzalez 13, and Hazel Sanchez,14). The performance will include their mesmerising dance and singing medley of cumbia, mapale, Latino hits and their first ever public rendition of ‘Chica Latina’, the song the girls themselves inspired Luis Lema, their Musical Director, to compose. Their song and the group is available for promotion from July 15.
A food village with 80 stalls will serve authentic Latino food from barbecued
beef chusos to fried plantains and yucca, different empanadas, tamales and hallacas as well as Colombian home made ice cream and the famous ‘bandeja paisa’ combining the best of Colombian beans, meat and arrepas on the same

A quick run down of names alone of further participants can communicate the diverse, authentic and exotic nature of the pure Latino event:

Oi Brasil! Rio Samba Show, Son Real, Ilusion Flamenca, Pagode Pra Valer
Samba Band, Zeu Azevedo and the Forrodaqui Band, Animadores de Axe, DJ
Jean, Expresion Bolivia, Grupo Manos Negras, Baila Peru, Sangre Boliviana,
Kid Africa, Leximan, MC Magico, La Saga, Chipy D……..need more be said?
Please do miss this year!

Region: All
Start Date: 06/08/2006
End Date:
Start Time: 18:00 – 22:00
Venue: Burgess Park
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