Can Africans/Caribbeans Recover From the Traumas of Slavery

Can African/Caribbeans Recover from the Traumas of Slavery?
New Film on Black UK Relationships Touches On Links to the Past

BBC2 Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners’ highlights the multitude of wealth Britain gained during slavery. There was no mention of the psychological impact enslavement still has on its descendants.
The post traumatic slavery – syndrome is rarely addressed in the UK and its continued impact on the generations rioting in the streets. More serious is how this plays out in the relationships between black men and women.
Looking for Love a feature documentary film by Menelik Shabazz in cinemas in late August addresses some of the issues black people still carry, emotional scars remain as black relationships in the UK are failing alarmingly. Nearly 50 percent of children living in single parent families, raised without their fathers. Recent research showed that 48 percent of Caribbean men partner outside their race.

The often stereotyping of specifically Caribbean men as irresponsible has been a tag that ignores the historical story. Looking at these relationships we can still see how the defragmentation imposed on black people/ the black family during slavery is playing out today and has been passed down through the generations.

Patterns variants of behavior in black relationships should be related back to slavery so we can begin to understand what is happening today and why it’s young people are committing acts of violence against each other.
The black family is in crisis and one has to look further than deprivation and social living.
Looking for Love voices the pain and frustration of young people talking about their experiences of love, sex, healing – unheard of in mainstream media. Psychotherapists and comedians add to the film and discuss healing and forgiveness as ways not just to deal with current issues but to escape the shadows of enslavement.

Menelik said

In order to address current behavior especially amongst young black people, we as a community need to understand what perpetuated the destructive patterns displayed across many black relationships today.

Contributors include African American psychologist Dr Umar Johnson, relationship author’s Susan Quilliam and Jackie Holder. Whilst Kojo, Andi Osho, Eddie Kadi, Slim, Mr Cee, Donna Spence and Glenda Jaxson add insightful humor to a subject that we all talk about.

The film is produced and directed by multi –award winning Director/Producer Menelik Shabazz. Check (http://www.menelikshabazz.co.uk) for a full bio. This project follows on from his previously successful and award winning feature documentary The Story of Lover’s Rock, one of the highest grossing documentaries at the UK cinema box office in 2012.(www.loversrockthefilm.com)

Looking for Love opens in the following UK Cinemas on 21st August 2015: Tricycle Theatre Kilburn, Hackney Picturehouse, Ritxy Picturehouse, Dalston Rio, Streatham Odeon, Vue Shepherds Bush, Vue Birmingham, Midlands Art Centre, Vue Westfield Stratford – Followed by on 28th August 2015: Vue Croydon Grants and 23rd August -Broadway Nottingham, 10th September The Drum Birmingham Q&A with Director.
More venues, Q&A dates and times will be confirmed.

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