Call Mr Robeson @ Rich Mix

Call Mr Robeson @ Rich Mix

“They say I’m meddling in the foreign affairs of the foreign affairs of the United States Government. Now, that’s too bad, cause I’m going to have to continue to meddle…”

Paul Robeson is a world famous actor, singer and civil rights campaigner.

Written and Performed By Tayo Aluko

Thu 29 – Sat 31 Jul / 7.30pm / Venue 1 / £12 / £10

When over the years Robeson gets progressively too radical and outspoken for the establishment’s liking, he is branded a traitor to his country, harassed, and denied opportunities to perform or travel.

Just as physical, emotional and mental stress threaten to push him over the fine line between genius and madness, he is summoned to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee, to give the most difficult and important performance of his career.

The play is a roller coaster journey through Robeson’s remarkable and eventful life, and highlights how his radical activism caused him to be disowned and disremembered, even by the leaders and descendants of the civil rights movement. It features some of his famous songs and speeches, including a dramatic rendition of Ol’ Man River.

Accompanying on piano will be Leeds-based Jazz Pianist Michael Conliffe, who has also performed in another play, God Bless The Child about another Black music legend, Billie Holiday.


“I struggle desperately to find words that can truly express my feelings for this production and as such, I urge you, from somewhere within me that I haven’t been in touch with for a long time, to go and experience it for yourself.” (5 Stars) Three Weeks Magazine
“An invigorating and rich story for novice and scholar alike. A must-see experience, a treasure of a show. TOP PICK!”
DC Theater Scene

“Engaging script… a brilliant living portrait” Philadelphia Tribune

Find Rich Mix at 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA.

Region: All
Start Date: 29/07/2010
End Date: 31/07/2010
Start Time: 19.30
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Phone: 020 7613 7498