Brazilians On The Move – Group 6

Brazilians On The Move - Group 6

An exhibition of works by Ana Cockerill, Carlos de Lins, Carmen Penido, Denise Pitagoras, Inha Bastos & Graca Ramos

An exhibition of works by Ana Cockerill, Carlos de Lins, Carmen Penido, Denise Pitagoras, Inha Bastos & Graca Ramos

Private View: Friday 13th of August 2010 – 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Exhibition runs from: Friday 13th of August 2010 – Thursday 19th of August 2010
Gallery Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 11.00 am to 6.30 pm
Sat: 12.30pm – 5.00 pm
Last day of Exhibition: Thursday 19th of August: 10.00am to 5.00pm

‘Brazilians On The Move – 6’ is a touring exhibition of works by six contemporary Brazilian artists. This body of work shows the British viewer that present-day Brazilian art is equally cutting-edge as well as thought-provoking. The combined styles of these six artists are vibrant, introspective as well as reflecting poignancy. The viewer is offered a unique interplay between abstract and figurative art.

Carmen Penido blends the dominant abstraction of large forms with the detailed realism of minute images repeated in series in a singular composition that offers a provocative paradox.” Matilde Matos (ABCA and AICA). In her recent works she addresses more than mere fragments of tiles. The works are allegories and symbols that form a continuous flow that allows no rest for the eye. She intentionally creates a dialogue between the sacred and profane, which is reflected in her use of Portuguese tile motifs, as well as her use of Baroque aesthetics and African patterns. The Baroque Angel, a constant presence in all her works became a registered mark of her works. "I create quasi-real fragments that form quasi-landscapes that harmoniously come together to compose a sophisticated panel of the Bahian identity. I work the canvas as if I was embroidering a tapestry, stitch by stitch and I resource to volutes as a backbone, the trace of union among the various phases of my work." (Carmen Penido 2010)

Ana Cockerill’s current work is inspired by a subjective observation of images, forms and ordinary views. The initial stage of her creative process is aroused by a random object. She then plays with this chosen item, multiplying and altering it according to what her imagination dictates. The ‘here and now’, represented by the captured object, may interweave with memories as the work develops. Shadows appear and disappear, lines are produced and colours are changed. The main question raised within her creative process is: does the chosen object retain or lose its intrinsic characteristic? Ana Cockerill lives in London since 1987. She was born in Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, and grew up in Salvador, Bahia. She obtained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Federal University of Bahia, in the late 1970’s, and subsequently studied Conservation & Restoration (Brazil and Portugal). Later on ,in 2003, she acquired a Post Graduate Dip (MA) in Art Psychotherapy from the Goldsmith University of London. E-mail:

Carlos de Lins has always been intrigued by the feelings of emptiness and desolation that can emanate from modern buildings. To many people such buildings are expensive but not very interesting; they tend to dominate and sterilise their environment. For de Lins perhaps these buildings are devoid of the human element. Currently the artist is working on a series of canvases entitled "Linescapes" exploring human relationships with today’s megalithic cityscapes and above all the giant concrete and glass towers which delimit their horizons. The use of drawing articulates the idea of space and the application of colour creates the atmosphere. Colour and form are deployed to provoke an emotional response. "By de-constructing and then re-constructing elements of my subject matter I am trying to evoke an idea of space: an idyllic space which allows the viewer’s imagination to break through." (Carlos de Lins 2010)

Graca Ramos with her series ‘Modified Bodies’ questions the future of human genetics as well as the increasing use of humans as lab-rats for clinical experiments and studies, which has been a premonition of various artists and scientists since the twentieth century. The creation of cyborgs to replace the human labour force is already a reality allowing the dehumanization of production by creating a third gender, the automatic machine. "My work seeks to portray this reality of contemporary society, beyond what is a wake-up call for future generations." (Graca Ramos 2010) She is a titular lecturer in the MA course of Visual Arts at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. She was born in Feira de Santana, in 1948, and in the early 1970’s, she graduated in Fine Art BA (Hons) from this same university. Later on, in 1980, she gained an MA qualification in Art and Education, from the Pennsylvania State University – USA E-mail:

Denise Pitagoras as well as being an Artist, she is also a Poet and Educator, and was born in Canavieiras, a historic town on the cocoa coast of Brazil. She started to develop an interest in Art Engraving (especially in Xilography), when she was only seventeen. During that time she was working as a technician with the famous xilography master, Hansen Bahia, in his studio in Salvador. With her ‘master’s’ encouragement , she began to explore further her interest in art , and in the early 1970’s she obtained a BA (Hons) in Design and Fine Arts from the Federal University of Bahia. From that time she started a vast production of engravings and exhibited her work in Brazil as well as abroad, participating in projects organised by the Itamaraty (Brazilian Foreign Office), Embassies and universities.

Inha Bastos: At a time when the TV audience rise on behalf of soap opera chapters often against women, Inha Bastos would address in her paintings the comprehensive feminine universe that protects and that needs to be protected. She looks at femininity aiming to explore and express the charming, sensitive and passionate aspects of women, and uses a sincere and poetic language in paintings evoking an ephemeral density. Her compositions are rich with details which can either reveal innocence or an erotic appeal. E-mail:

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Start Date: 13/08/2010
End Date: 19/08/2010
Start Time: 11:00 to 18:30
Venue: Red Gate Gallery
Venue Address: 209a Coldharbour Lane
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