BOLLYWOOD STEPS is a unique British Bollywood outdoor dance spectacle created and choreographed by Simmy Gupta director of nutkhut. Bringing together stunning choreography, specialists in pyrotechnics, water effects and lighting, BOLLYWOOD STEPS is a visual feast. The piece was originally co-commissioned by Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and the Mayor of London premiering at Trafalgar Square in 2004. Since then it has been re-worked and developed and makes its debut in its new form on the steps of Winchester Law Court at Hat Fair on Friday June 30. This will be followed by a UK tour including dates in London, Liverpool and Bristol.

Inspired by Bollywood films, the show uses architectural landscapes of towns and cities as a natural stage. It draws on elements for which these films are notoriously known – the glamour, the wet sari scene, the kaleidoscope of quick costume changes (140 costumes in the show), boy meets girl – the courtship – and as with nearly every Bollywood film – the piece ends with a magnificent wedding scene – the grand staircases decorated with flowers where the groom is waiting with anticipation for his bride’s dramatic entrance surrounded by her family.

Bollywood films are not complete without their exciting dance numbers fusing many different dance styles and music: creative, folk, classical, Bhangra, hip hop, jazz, salsa and contemporary dance. Simmy has also touched on Busby Berkley’s Hollywood and combined this with an array of outrageous props, clever use of smoke and pyro (designed by Sam Samkin from Walk The Plank) and gigantic water effects (created by Michael Lister from Avanti Display) throughout the 40-minute performance for 30 dancers and live Dhol drummers to reference famous scenes from films and to create striking images. The piece uses original music composed especially by Niraj Chag.

This stylish new production features a cast of some of the most exciting young dancers in Britain today. This is a genuinely culturally diverse company with dancers from all over the UK and the world including: Olayinka Williams, Craig Whymark, Jay Saunders, Alison Ho Chee,
Simon Barnum, Yamuna Chaudhari, Rebecca Coates and Garry William Clark and Kirsten Ho. Three of this number (Simon, Jay and Alison) are regularly featured in Bollywood films, having starred in KHAL HO NA HO – a blockbuster shot in New York, London and Mumbai

There is also a large community aspect to the show, nutkhut is working with up to 20 community/semi-professional dancers from each venue’s region who will play an integral part in the show along with the 9 professional dancers and 2 Dhol drummers. And production support and costumes are being created in collaboration with Central School of Speech and Drama.

nutkhut was awarded a grant for national touring by Arts Council England to tour BOLLYWOOD STEPS in 2006/07 and has recently become an Arts Council RFO (regularly funded organisation). The company is artistically led by Simmy Gupta and Ajay Chhabra and is produced by Remarkable Productions.

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