Body Talks

Body Talks

“Shocking, thought provoking and challenging… In parts it was quite beautiful, innocent and fragile, at other times it appeared sensual and unafraid” Dulwich on View on Catharsis

Sweet or Sour presents Body Talks, a new piece performed by French performance maker Tonny A at The Albany on Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th March, 2010.

As part of the Albany’s Director’s Lab season, Body Talks is Tonny A’s first sharing of his research on physicality and the disabled body. Described as a study of human anatomy, Body Talks explores through performance the evolution of the body, its language and image. Drawing inspiration from our current obsession with age, Tonny investigates on the physical reactions to our obsessive quest for youth, pondering, from being a walking autobiography, whether the body hasn’t become a false representation of our state of mind. Based on the results of a public online consultation he has recently launched, Tonny will be conceiving snapshots of interdisciplinary performances which cross over contemporary dance, live art and poetry on screen.

Body Talks is performed in the Albany’s Red Room, a versatile studio space which offers Tonny A. a perfect opportunity to design a minimal but intimate set which, at times, create the illusion of being in a gallery space.

Tonny A. has a degree in History and Politics from Paris’s legendary university La Sorbonne. Having travelled for many years around Eastern Europe and the United States, Tonny first pursued a career in journalism before becoming a performance artist while settling in London. Based on his personal experiences related to his disability, Tonny’s work primarily deals with identity, sexuality and physicality of the disabled body, often combining dance, spoken word and moving images. Tonny has showed his pieces
In numerous platforms and fringe theatres including GFest 08/09, Chelsea Theatre and recently The Blue Elephant theatre.

“With movement director Tonny A’s beautifully stylised choreography the physicality of the play is as impressive as its linguistic and emotional energy” Remotegoat on Pedal Pusher

Region: All
Start Date: 24/03/2010
End Date: 26/03/2010
Start Time: 19:00
Venue: The Albany
Venue Address: Albany Centre & Theatre, Douglas Way
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
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Name: Tonny A