Bedouin Jerry Can Band at LSO St Luke’s

Bedouin Jerry Can Band at LSO St Luke

+ Moneim Adwen

An extraordinary group of nomadic Bedouins from the Sinai, who perform Bedouin Sufi and Rabba folk songs and dancing. Performing on the traditional 5 string Simsimiya, Magroona (reed pipe) and Rabba (1 string wolf fiddle) and an assortment of scavenged percussion including jerry cans and ammunition boxes.

Moneim Adwan’s Rouh Waheda, from Gaza and Egypt, will be making their British premiere at this concert, singer and oud player Adwan is supported by Sayed Ghoneimy Shaban and Mando Al-Sowerki on kawâla/ney and percussion.

Region: All
Start Date: 16/10/2007
End Date: 16/10/2007
Start Time: 19:30
Venue: LSO St Luke’s
Venue Address: 161 Old Street, London
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
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Name: Alex Webb