Anthony Joseph’s avant garde writings & calypso rhythms sound out at Norfolk Black History Month

Anthony Joseph

Merging the avant garde writings of acclaimed novelist and poet Joseph with calypso rhythms, wild melodies and some of the heaviest bass lines around. A heady fusion of science fiction, surrealism, mythology and the carnivalesque rhythms of Trinidadian dialect.

Anthony Joseph

One of the UK’s most exciting voices, poet, musician and novelist Anthony Joseph offers a dazzling performance art combining elements of mystery, history and thriller genres, hip hop and jazz with tremendous zest and panache.

Anthony Joseph was born in Trinidad and has lived in the UK since 1989. He is the author of two poetry collections, Desafinado (1994) and Teragaton (1997) and the spoken word CDs Liquid Textology and The Spasm Band. In September 2004 he was selected by the Arts Council of England as one of fifty writers for the historic photo ‘A Great Day’. His inclusion was in recognition of his contribution to experimental writing and performance in contemporary British literature.

As a spoken word artist, Joseph has performed internationally, touring the UK, Europe and the US. He was a featured artist on Mannafest’s Mango Lick UK Tours 1998-2001 and on Renaissance One’s Modern Love UK & European Tour 2002 – performing in Spain, The Czech Republic and Germany. In April 2005 he served as the British Council’s first poet in residence at California State University, Los Angeles. His one-month residency included guest performances, presenting master classes in creative writing and guest lectures in Music Composition and Sociology, Race, Class and Gender. He also performed at UCLA’s Kinross Hall during his visit. Joseph also performs regularly with his quartet The Spasm Band, combining spoken word with Afro-Caribbean Free Jazz.

In November last year he represented British writing at the Chicago Humanities Festival. In 2006 he performs and lectures at Howard University, Washington, Goldsmiths College, London and The Vienna Literature Festival. Anthony Joseph is also a lecturer in Creative Writing and has taught at The Universities of Surrey, Roehampton & North London where he taught Science Fiction writing. He currently lectures in Creative Writing at South Thames College in London.

In October 2006 his long awaited debut novel The African Origins of UFOs will be published by Salt Publishing. It has been described as an experimental work of metafiction, myth and science fiction; an ‘afropsychadelicnoir’. An excerpt from the novel is included in the anthology Dark Matter: A century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora (Time Warner, 2000).

Poppy Seed

A captivating experience of dub poetry; ‘On the cusp of Poetry and Song’. A soulful jazz-roots rock poetry band which promises to move you. The original music and melodies are strong, embracing Afrikan roots, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, &pop influences which enhance the themes of the poetry. Poppy Seed (Angela Harvey) describes herself as an ”environmentally friendly humanitarian” who is dealing in poetic sound power to entertain and educate.

Black History Month (BHM) is held every October in Britain to promote knowledge of Black history and experience. Although this is only the forth year that BHM has been celebrated in Norfolk there are more than 50 events planned.

BHM provides an opportunity to share knowledge of our common human ancestry in Africa and of the continuous presence of Black people in Britain for at least 500 years. We should be aware of people such as Mary Seacole, a Black nurse in the Crimea at the same time as Florence Nightingale and, in her time, also famous and feted. Locally, it should be well known that the first Black British circus owner, Pablo Fanque, was born in Norwich in 1798 and that Britain’s first Black Mayor, Allen Minns, was elected in Thetford in 1904.

Look out for a full programme of theatre, dance, visual arts, seminars, poetry and music being promoted by Norfolk Education and Action for Development and Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council. Visit the website for full details and up-to-date listings:

To book tickets for this seated event, please call the Norwich Arts Centre Box Office on 01603 660352, or book online at Tickets are £5 or £4 for concessions. For all event listings, please visit

Region: All
Start Date: 30/10/2006
End Date: 30/10/2006
Start Time: 20.00
Venue: Norwich Arts Centre
Venue Address: St. Benedicts Street, Norwich
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Phone: 01603 660387