Alexia Goethe Gallery presents artist Sacha Jafri

Alexia Goethe Gallery presents artist Sacha Jafri

Alexia Goethe Gallery presents Sacha Jafri, one of the most exciting British painters on the contemporary art scene. With recent sell-out shows in Dubai, Singapore, Austria, Monaco, Cannes and Frankfurt, Jafri’s new solo show in London, Disappearing Landscapes, explores the destruction of the environment and the rapidly disappearing landscape.

Disappearing Landscapes is a celebration of what exists in the landscape around us, but may not be around for much longer. The work is an optimistic exploration of the energy, atmosphere and beauty of rural and urban landscapes, encouraging us to not take things for granted and be less myopic about what is seen in the familiar landscapes that surround our everyday lives.

The show has a particular focus on London’s disappearing landscape, with recognisable scenes such as Westminster and Tower Bridge. Jafri’s large scale, oil on canvas paintings invite us to open our eyes and re-examine these icons, expelling any stagnant views we may have about them. Jafri’s greatest love is the effect of colour, a tool that changes every day, both in application and effect. The art critic and author, Chris Townsend explains, ‘the city dweller, jaded by experience, once again sees urban life as enchanted, as if seeing it for the first time through the eyes of a child or a young lover’.

Jafri’s passion is for the process of painting itself and the sheer enjoyment of paint. He creates harmonies of colour, rhythm and expression which evolve from personal narratives. His painting is not all about the finished product; it is about the passion and energy that goes into a piece of work and the process in which it is created. Few artists have the nerve to show the viewer anything but a finished painting yet recently Jafri produced a work of art live in front of a 5,000 strong crowd in The Royal Albert Hall.

Jafri is particularly inspired by ‘Magical Realism’ writers such as Garcia Marquez, Franz Kafka, William Burrows and Salman Rushdie. His pieces are the physical results of his own investigative journey, painting what is real and what is beautiful, nor what is learn-ed nor shocking. Arts writer Jane Hughes says, ‘anyone questioning the future of painting – and indeed, wondering whether painters today have anything new to say – should take a look at the collection of work from Jafri’.

Sacha Jafri says, ‘I am delighted to be showing my latest body of work Disappearing Landscapes at Alexia Goethe Gallery. Alexia has a formidable reputation within the art world of dealing with both emerging artists and some of the biggest names in contemporary and modern markets. To have a solo show at a space linked with names such as Joan Miró, Fernand Léger and Raoul Dufy is a huge privilege. It is also of great relevance I have been afforded the opportunity to exhibit in the heart of London, as it has such a large bearing and influence on Disappearing Landscapes.’


Region: All
Start Date: 01/06/2007
End Date: 31/07/2007
Start Time: Mon-Fri 9-6pm; Sat 11-4pm
Venue: Alexia Goethe Gallery
Venue Address: 7 Dover Street, London
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