Africa – a continent, which has helped shape the world

Africa - a continent, which has helped shape the world

How much do we actually know about one of the most influential continents on the planet – Africa? For centuries, its culture, heritage and people have been major contributors to the make-up of the world. On Saturday 30th June the North East of England African Community Association (NEEACA) invites you to their annual "African Cultural Day", which celebrates the achievements of this great nation and enables you to learn something new about Africa – this will include a special evening showcase event with FRITITI & KANDA BONGO MAN

One of the key elements will focus upon telling people about the framework behind the ‘abolition of slavery’ – this will be addressed using talks, youth theatre and displays of informative literature. This will include a performance by an up-and-coming youth movement called CRUNK – Newcastle the group are made up of young people discussing youth issues through the medium of music and dance – the themes of their Rap material touch upon alcohol, drugs and racism. The urban musical styles performed use Hip-Hop, R n B and Soul influences – CRUNK is a great way for young people to reflect on what it’s like growing up in Newcastle, this community cohesion work is supported by Streetwise –

The amazing climax to NEEACA’s spotlight event will be a feast of music and dance to perfectly grace such an important occasion – the line up will include African drumming and dancing sensations Frititi – – and the fabulous Soukous music by the one and only Kanda Bongo Man –

The Northeast is fast becoming a multicultural haven with residents settling in the region from all over the world. One of the first welcoming committees is NEEACA, who offer residents and newcomers with an impeccable service from providing a valuable support network to running the Benfield Community Learning Centre on Tyneside – where they hold regular community events including drumming workshops. They have a membership of 600 people, but are always in search of new members to take NEEACA onto the next stage.

“NEEACA wants to welcome the world to its celebration on 30 June. Equality is the current buzz word, where people from different communities work together to introduce unity – this is a process we openly support and encourage in the Northeast,” said Tony Suadwa, Chair of NEEACA.

Tony concludes: “Our event hopes to embrace the values of the 21st Century in turn remembering the achievements of our forefathers in the issues like the abolition of slavery. We need to educate future generations about moments in history that effectively changed the attitudes of society, forever.”

Event Details: The African Cultural Day is broken into two different sections with daytime and evening events.


Time: 1.00pm – 4.30pm
Price: FREE

Content: The afternoon programme is perfect for all of the family, it is intended to give people a real taste of African culture, as visitors will be able to enjoy sampling a host of exciting things from African arts & crafts, through to trying their hand at traditional Djembe drumming. The entertainment will include African music, dancing and singing with a special performance by CRUNK – Newcastle. There will also be an interesting Afro hair care display and for those people wishing to purchase products from the Motherland, a selection of craft stalls will be set up to enable interested buyers to browse at their own leisure amongst the affordable goods.

The focus of the afternoon’s informative elements will be to identify key aspects of the crucial groundbreaking landmark in history when the BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) society had their collective voice heard, which in turn lead to the momentous “abolition of slavery”.

Tony Suadwa, Chair of NEEACA will welcome guests and gain a spiritual blessing for the event by performing the customary Libation ceremony.

The African Cultural Day will also include the results of a special NEEACA young people’s art competition to be set in June. The winner will be announced on the day of the show.


Time: 7.00pm – 12midnight
Price: £10 (adults) and £3 (under 16s) – price includes food.

Content: NEEACA have pulled out all of the stops to make the evening performance one of the best line-ups the African Cultural Day has ever enjoyed. People will be thrilled by the stunning drumming, singing and dance displays by the wonderful Frititi, this can only be topped by the one of the globe’s leading Soukous singers Kanda Bongo Man – a major event for the region as two high profile acts perform on the same eclectic bill.

There will also be beautiful homemade African dishes served up between 9pm-10pm, where people will quite literally be able to sample a taste of Africa (this is included as part of the ticket price).

Ticket Details: To purchase your tickets for this amazing evening of entertainment, please contact NEEACA on (0191) 265 1155 or 07960 672955 – these are the same numbers to call if you are interested in becoming a full member of NEEACA.

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Region: All
Start Date: 30/06/2007
End Date: 30/06/2007
Start Time: 13:00 – 16:30 & 19:00 – 00:00 (music + dance)
Venue: Banqueting Suite, Newcastle Civic Centre
Venue Address: Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne
Celebs Attending: African drumming and dancing s
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Garry Smith
Phone: 0191 2892809