Acclaimed South African physical theatre is coming to London

Acclaimed South African physical theatre is coming to London

Oval House Theatre presents the MAGNET THEATRE South Africa production of


Directed by Mark Fleishman
Created with the Company
Performed by Jennie Reznek and Faniswa Yisa
Set design by Julia Anastasopoulos
Music composed and performed by Neo Muyanga

“Creative sorcery: simplicity is the key to this profoundly moving tale about loss and survival. Exquisite" – Cape Argus Tonight

PRESS NIGHT: Thursday 25 February 2010 at 7.45pm
Dates: 24 February – 13 March 2010
Times: Tues-Sat at 7.45pm
Tickets: £12 / £6 concs
Box Office: 020 7582 7680 /
Venue: Oval House Theatre, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW

Oval House Theatre is bringing to London an internationally acclaimed show by the award-winning physical theatre company, Magnet Theatre from Cape Town, South Africa. EVERY YEAR, EVERY DAY, I AM WALKING is a "profoundly moving tale about loss and survival" – Cape Argus Tonight.

* ABSA Prize for Best Actresses at Aardklop National Arts Festival, SA 2009
* Best Foreign Production nomination at Teatro del Mundo Awards, Argentina 2009
* Pick of the Festival, The Star, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown 2007

Aggie and Ernestine sisters. Playing together in their rural idyll, life couldn’t be happier. That is, until their lives are shattered by violence.

Aggie and her mother are forced to flee their homeland, leaving behind the rest of their family, and to Aggie’s despair, Ernestine. Travelling from their central-African village, they make their way to the Promised Land – South Africa and its metropolitan hub, Cape Town.

Two performers trace the story of Aggie and her mother as they travel across Africa to an alien environment. The story is told through physical images, some English and French dialogue, and through the evocative musical text: a drawing of the pastoral village is burnt by hooded militia; pairs of shoes in the actors’ hands trudge across sprinkled sand; and Cape Town’s skyline is revealed in wire mesh.

EVERY YEAR, EVERY DAY, I AM WALKING is a piece about dislocation, about what home means. It explores what it means to lose the safety and security of home as a result of war and the consequences of that irrevocable loss in the life of a young girl. It traces the story of a young girl who loses family and home brutally and irrevocably and is forced to journey to a new place through many dangers and uncertainties. An uplifting piece of theatre that celebrates the ability of human beings to heal through the power of the imagination.

“Two and a half years ago I sat in a school hall in Grahamstown, South Africa, and watched one of the most beautiful, moving and provoking shows I have ever seen. I am delighted that in February we will finally be bringing the show to London” Ben Evans, Oval House Theatre

"Powerful drama beautifully portrayed" The Herald

Region: All
Start Date: 24/02/2010
End Date: 13/03/2010
Start Time: 7.45pm
Venue: Oval House Theatre
Venue Address: 52-54 Kennington Oval, London
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Sheridan Humphreys
Phone: 07966578607