A Paradise Lost – Photographic Exhibition

A Paradise Lost - Photographic Exhibition

A Paradise Lost is one photographer’s attempt to capture the true extent of the devastation caused by the South Asian earthquake and the sheer will and determination of the affected people to survive.

Freelance photographer Sohail Anjum set out to capture the multitude of feelings and emotions felt by the earthquake survivors. He was witness to heart-wrenching scenes of human suffering and anguish, far beyond what he had anticipated, but also immense hope as he saw the world’s efforts to restore dignity to the dead and alleviate the suffering of the survivors.

This photographic exhibition is an opportunity to share these images of tragedy, hope and survival in order to raise further awareness and to ensure that the much-needed help and assistance from the world population is not just a short-term response but a sustained and lasting effort to assist these people in rebuilding their lives.

Admission FREE (exhibition only)

A Paradise Lost is part of Bahar (Festival of Spring)

Region: All
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, Royal Festival Hall
Venue Address: Belvedere Road, London
Website: http://www.rfh.org.uk/main/series/322.html
Press Tickets: Not Available
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