A Musical Evening with The Grewal Family

A Musical Evening with The Grewal Family

A Musical Evening with The Grewal Family, from the hit Channel 4 series The Family (Sunday 11 April) is hosted by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network presenter Nihal at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre at 5.30pm. This is one of the closing events of Alchemy, a major new festival celebrating innovative, classical and contemporary artists from India, UK and South Asia.

Reflecting on how the hugely popular fly-on-the-wall documentary series has impacted on their lives, The Grewals reveal what daily life is like for them post screen and recount intimate moments in their life story. Accompanied by a soundtrack that ranges from popular Indian love songs and Bhangra classics to Boy George and Guns N Roses, The Grewels talk about life, love, ‘tea’ and traumas before and after the hit show, whilst younger son Tindy plays some of their favourite records.

While Dad, Arvinder became known by his catch phrase of ‘cup of tea’ and Mum, Sarbjit became loved throughout the country for her humour and wisdom, Nihal will talk to the couple about life before the documentary series and their early days growing up in India. They will reveal stories of their first experience of the UK and coming to live in Southall. Highlights will include their arranged marriage in 1973 and the challenges they faced in being thrown out of home with two small children in tow and only 30pence to their name.

Throughout Channel 4’s The Family, son Sunny and his wife Shay’s compelling love story worthy of a Bollywood film, kept viewers glued to the screen right up to the dramatic and magnificent wedding day. Interviewed in turn, Sunny talks about growing up on the tough Ironbridge Estate in West London, dealing with racism, dyslexia and his identification with fellow outsider Boy George. Shay talks about her childhood, and the pain of being estranged from her mother due to her engagement with Sunny, who her mother denounced as ‘illiterate, uneducated and too old’. Shay struggles to come to terms with the lack of communication with her mother during the time of her wedding and also reflects on her new-found success as a TV Presenter and recalls some of the famous stars she has met since the show.

Thoughout the evening Sunny’s younger brother Tindy – who was usually filmed under his duvet will reveal his reasons why he feels he was misrepresented in the documentary and will. A security guard at Heathrow Aiport ‘saving the world every day’ and a DJ by night, Tindy will play some of the family’s favourite songs, ranging from classic Indian popular songs like Ye Laal Rang and Ye Dosti Hum Nahin (Happy) to Boy George’s Karma Chameleon and Guns N Roses Paradise City.

The Grewal’s front room in Hounslow will be recreated onstage, complete with couches and their large wide screen TV.
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