A Lifetime on Tiptoes – Bilingual workshop and reading

How did one manage to pack his or her entire life together in a few yards of knotted cotton and start again not knowing where we were heading — and how the future will unfold?"


The workshop is based on Mahzar Tirmazi’s play, A Lifetime on Tiptoes, which was launched at the House of Commons in November this year and it will premiere at the Edinburgh Festival next year, to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Partition of India. Tirmazi was inspired to write the play by the painful tales he heard from his mother about being forced out of her home in 1947.

Dominic Rai, Artistic Director of Mán Melá Theatre Company, says that Panjabis of Pakistan and India share a common language, but are divided by religion, a political border and different written scripts. The purpose of this workshop is also to celebrate a shared secular Panjabi identity.

The aim of the workshop is to familiarise the participants with the Partition by engaging them in discussion and sharing of memories and stories related to the division, which produced 13 million refugees and killed 3 million people. During the workshop the participants will be both hearing and presenting the voices of Partition, during the sixty years since it took place, including reading from Tirmazi’s play.

Region: All
Start Date: 31/01/2007
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Start Time: 18:30
Venue: Hexagon Theatre, mac
Website: http://www.sampad.org.uk
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Name: Sanna Lounasto