3MT Theatre‘s launches new Manchester musical Show. A comedy to heal community segregation in Manchnester?

3MT Theatre

Manchester’s Three Minute Theatre,​ the only purpose-built boutique theatre in Central Manchester, is building on its established reputation for originality and creativity and opportunity with a Bollywood-inspired production.

The venue is working with Chorlton based actor/writer Nakib Narat (Radio 4, World Service, Granada) to produce The Bollywood Girls of Blackburn.

The play highlights the common ground between Asian and white people, even in the notoriously racially divided towns of north west England.

Bollywood Girls of Blackburn sets out to demonstrate that unity is possible through shared enjoyment of an entertainment culture that now encompasses the globe.

The play highlights the huge common ground there is between Asian and White people: even in notoriously racially divided towns of North West England like OLDHAM and BLACKBURN. You may remember the famous Cantle Report for the Government which described neighbourhoods that had a "depth of polarisation" around segregated communities living "a series of parallel lives". “Bollywood Girls of Blackburn” aims to demonstrate that unity is possible through shared enjoyment of an entertainment culture that now encompasses the globe: with people from Russia to Iran to Malaysia and Germany enthralled by the music and emotional content of Bollywood films.

The show is a feel good musical and involves original dance numbers . Revolving around lonely Nora Atkinson and her often annoying Dad Jack who eventually helps her realise her dream of Bollywood stardom. It has 7 actors of varying ages (from 65 to 20). They are a mix of White & Asian performers (details of characters on next page).
There is already great interest in the show – we have been invited to talk about it on Grahame Liver’s Radio Breakfast Show and had a major feature on Talat Awan’s "Indus" magazine programme which goes out on Radio Manchester, Radio Lancashire and WM. When the show launches we expect to have even more coverage – particularly from TV news. We are also working with the official Rochdale Council Arts & Culture Festival Director to stage a Bollywood Dance event for charity at their Arts Festival later in the year. This is a link to a news item about our show which was published on the Manchester Evening News and Lancashire Telegraph’s "Asian Image" web site: http://www.asianimage.co.uk/leisure/whats_on/11071013.Manchester_theatre_launches_search_for_Bollywood_musical_stars/ Asian Image and Radio Manchester and “Metro” have said they will keep covering the Show as it develops to the Stage.

Address: The 3mt Theatre, Afflecks Arcade, 35-39 Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JG
Phone: 0161 834 4517

NORA ATKINSON played by VICTORIA SLINGER. Victoria will be singing in Hindi as well as English!

JACK ATKINSON- Nora’s Dad played by BOB YOUNG a veteran of UK TV Film and UK Cabaret

ROSIE – played by new Salford University Drama graduate KIRAN BADYEL

MEGAN played by Welsh actress & Director KATE SALMON

SHAKALAKA KAKI played by Manchester actress/model SASHA ALI .

GAYLORD KAKI played by Manchester/Mumbai Actor AHMER KHAN

PAT played by Manchester’s talented young song and dance man

THE KHAN played by Manchester Actor/Writer NAKIB NARAT

Region: All
Website: http://https://www.facebook.com/events/433736910105010/?fref=ts
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Name: Nakib Narat
Phone: 07538 599049