World Peace Festival 2008

World Peace Festival 2008

India’s most famous World Peace Leader, His Holiness Param Pujya Sri Vasanth Gurudevji, has arrived in the UK to spread the message of universal love and brotherhood; and to head the World Peace Festival taking place on 5th October 2008.

Sri Vasanth Gurudevji has traveled around the world to achieve his vision, and to awaken the masses for a peaceful world and unity of all faiths.

His visit to UK is focused on spreading this message on a global basis and creating a mass awareness of Peace and the Millenium Development Goals across the world.

One of the Organisers Kumar Jain, of Sri Krishnagiri Parshwa Padmavathi International Centre UK, said “Guruji is organizing ‘The World Peace Festival (a Unique Prayer Event of Universal Love and Brotherhood to Promote World Peace) and Raise Awareness of The Millennium Development Goals”, taking place during 30th September 30th 2008 to 9th October 2008 at: Gurpanth Parkash Ashford Road, Leicester, LE2 6AA, Leicester, UK. These 10 days are the most auspicious days of Indian religion and His Holiness has chosen these big days to achieve enormous peace and harmony in the world”.

During this 10 day festival, there will be Poojas (prayers), rituals and ceremonies performed under the auspicious guidance of His Holiness aimed at benefiting the world at large. Each day of the festival would have a special theme and prayers including:

Tuesday 30th September 2008
Sri Namaskar Mahamantra Prayers
World Friendship Prayers and to Develop a global partnership for development

Wednesday 1st October 2008
Sri 108 Parshwanath Mahapoojan
World Peace Prayers and a prayer to Reduce child mortality

Thursday 2nd October 2008
Sri GouthamSwami Mahapoojan Prayers for following the Principles of Non Violence,
Universal love and brotherhood

Friday 3rd October 2008
Sri Uvasagaharam Mahapoojan Prayers for destroying the darkness in every soul with
a prayer to Combat HIV, AIDS, malaria, other diseases and Improve maternal health

Saturday 4th October 2008
Sri Manibadra Mahapoojan Prayers for protection from Evil Powers that attracts violence

Sunday 5th October 2008
Sri 108 Parshwa Padmavathi
Mahapoojan Prayers for Generating Powerful
Spiritual Energy to make a Peaceful World and to Promote gender equality and empower women

Monday 6th October 2008
Sri Bhomiyaji Shetrapal Mahapoojan
Prayers for Protection from Natural Disasters arising from Water, Air, Fire, Space and Other
Planets to Ensure environment sustainability

Tuesday 7th October 2008
Sri Mahalakshmi Mahapoojan Prayers for World Prosperity to Eradicate extreme poverty and

Wednesday 8th October 2008
Sri Saraswathi Mahapoojan Prayers for Real Knowledge with a prayer toachieve universal primary education

Thursday 9th October 2008
Sri Chintamani Parshwanath Mahapoojan
Prayers for World Peace and Unity.

Prayers will be 1pm to 5pm everyday
Music and Bhakti will be 7pm onwards every evening (except Sunday 5th October).

Kumar Jain continued “all these prayers would awaken the hearts of the people and imbibe in them the valuable principles of love, peace and non-violence. This is a very symbolic event and will go a long way in establishing peace and unity in the world. This festival will witness huge participation in large numbers from people across the globe”.

In addition to the daily prayers and to symbolize global unity, His Holiness is lighting 66,840 candles signifying the world’s total population of 6.684 billion according to the July 2008 Census. There will be an additional 195 different coloured candles to represent the total countries on the globe in one thought. Each and every candle will be lit with a special prayer to achieve good health and prosperity. This would represent a Guinness World Record for the largest number of candles lighted for world peace. This spectacular Free event is scheduled to take place on Sunday October 5th, 2008, at Leicester Tigers, Aylestone Road, Leicester, LE2 7TR. The event will be televised (live coverage) by the faith channel Aastha TV.

To record this event, the organisers have printed a “World Peace Book” which contains special peace messages from all the nations around the World.

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Venue: Leicester Tigers
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