Sewa International UK launches Bicycles for Uganda Appeal

Sewa International UK launches Bicycles for Uganda Appeal

One of the best gifts that you can give to a family in Uganda is a – ‘BICYCLE’.
In Uganda, as in much of the developing world, a bicycle is much in demand and is used for transportation of goods and people over short distances. A bicycle can also provide an income, as it can take a worker to a place of work which might otherwise be too far away, or it can be used to offer transport services.

Sanjay Jagatia of Sewa International said “another important role of a bicycle is that it helps farmers bring their produce to the market place. A bicycle allows them to carry their groceries much faster and cheaper than by any other means. A bicycle can significantly improve the economic viability of small farms, because the farmer will spend less time away from his farm, and his goods arrive fresher at the market”.

Women, in particular, benefit from the use of a bicycle, because they normally carry the groceries that are harvested in their farms to the markets daily. They also have the role of fetching drinking water for the entire family. The loads, which they carry and balance on their heads, are often very heavy.

Carrying such loads from an early age, often for several hours each day, frequently results in serious spinal injuries. Yet on a bicycle these items can be safely and easily carried strapped to the rear rack of a bicycle.

The bicycle is a powerful means of transportation for every family. But there
remains one problem…..Many Ugandan families, and especially women, simply cannot afford to purchase a bicycle!

Sanjay Jagatia concluded, “to help these families, Sewa International has launched the ‘Bicycle for Uganda Appeal’. We are working with carefully selected partner organisations in Uganda to provide bicycles to the neediest in society, especially women, as a contribution to eradication of poverty in the
country. Our appeal has already attracted the attention of many schools, businesses, and voluntary and community organisations.

All we are asking is for you to donate just – £5, which we will use to purchase bicycles to give to the neediest families, living in remote villages”.

Please send your generous donations to:
Sewa International, 46-48 Loughborough Road, Leicester, LE4 5LD, UK, Tel: 0116 261 0303

(Please make Cheques payable to “Sewa International” and mark the envelope for
the attention of: Sewa International Bicycles for Uganda Appeal.

We will send a receipt for every donation received.


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