Patanjali Parivar Milan and outstanding success

Patanjali Parivar Milan and outstanding success

~ By Sanjay Jagatia, Public Relations & Spokesperson for Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust.

[Barkingside, London, Saturday 17th March 2012] With the blessings of His Holiness Swami Ramdevji and His Holiness Acharya Balkrishanji, Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust (PYPT) celebrated 5 years of achievement in the UK since the organisation became a Charity.

The event held at Fairlop Waters, (Fairlop Marquees), Forest Road, Barkingside, Essex, was another milestone in the history of PYPT in the UK. Over 600 Members and Yog Teachers got together to celebrate the Trust’s enormous achievements and successes across the UK.

Sanjay Jagatia, Public Relations & Spokesperson for Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust (PYPT) said “PYPT in the UK has been promoting healthy living and wellbeing in the community through yoga. Over the last 5 years, the organisation has been conducting over 300 free Yoga classes each week in the UK and successfully introduced hundreds of thousands of people to live a healthier life and keeping fit. Our inspiration comes from the teachings of the world renowned Hindu Spiritual Leader & Yoga Guru – His Holiness Swami Ramdevji. In the UK – PYPT’s mission is committed to improving the health and daily lifestyle of the people. PYPT wish to propagate Yoga as a "free" medicine through in-depth research in accordance with the parameters of modern medical science, so that everyone may avail its benefits in order to attain sound health. Furthermore, we intend to create an environment in the Government Departments of Health, Education, Communities, Armed Forces, Industry and Business to inspire them to adopt Yoga as a regular and necessary practice for preventative and curative healthcare and to educate on establishing a healthy lifestyle”.

The event included a Havan performed by Sanskrit scholars to bring World peace and good health to one and all.

Miss Munaben Chauhan – National Events Coordinator for Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust eloquently compared the programme of events, which included bhajans and kirtans by Ramnikbhai Dattani & Group, Akhil, Rikhil, Jagdish Mani, Surindar Nandra, Parina Agarwal and Shweta. In addition, there were excellent dance items performed by Sangeeta and Anjali, a Dandia Ras by the Ilford Yog Teachers and Students and a classical item by Atina Adhikari and Shisham KC from the Nepalese Community.

The audience was captivated by a rendition of the classic Patriotic song – “Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada…..” sung by blind artist Sarat Sakhuja who dedicated the song in tribute to the outstanding work that His Holiness Swami Ramdevji is doing in India to uplift the Nation and put an end to corruption.

Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust was also honoured to have the presence of prominent people who graced the event, including the Deputy Mayoress- Councillor Felicity Banks and Her Consort Mrs Pat Ilett.

~ The Deputy Mayoress commented that “I am grateful to be invited to attend such an auspicious occasion to celebrate the successes and achievements of Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust. The organisation’s mission to help raise awareness of healthy living and health awareness across the UK; to promote Yoga as a preventative and curative healthcare measure and to promote unity through Ayurveda – a system of traditional alternative medicine developed in India was commendable”.

~ Councillor Ashok Kumar – Ex Mayor of Redbridge who hosted a reception in honour of His Holiness Swami Ramdevji when he first visited the UK five years ago said “It is a pleasure to witness the success of PYPT in such a short period of time. I remember the first time Swami Ramdevji came to the UK when he talked about his aims for the future and to see these thoughts coming into fruition is very heart warming”.

~ Councillor Mrs Balvinder Saund of Redbridge commented “to see so many people is a great tribute and testament to PYPT and its Yog teachers and members and shows what unity can achieve. I compliment your organisation on your dedication and commitment to help those live a healthier life in the UK”

~ Councillor Gurdial Bhambra of Redbridge said “I am impressed and truly touched by the title of this event – ‘Patanjali Parivar Milan’. You really are a great family. Unity is only achieved when people and communities come together and work together and PYPT is leading the way forward. I am keen to ensure that in particular, Yoga is taught in school across the UK and I give you my commitment to help and support you in your endeavours to promote Yoga widely in all schools.

~ Ramnik Patel, Jawaharlal Patel and Shashikant Patel from Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara’s Maa Charity spoke about the great friendship between Didi Maa and Swami Ramdevji in India and hoped that both organisations can continue to work together in India and here the UK to bring an end to corruption in India and also to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

~ The Nepalese Community in the UK who has always supported PYPT was there in large numbers. Atmaram Dahal and Retired Major Suryaparsad Upadhya spoke about the Yoga classes held by the Nepalese community and in particular about the Nepalese community’s commitment to continue to promote Yog and Ayurveda to all its members and Gurkha Soldiers and extended an invitation to both Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji to visit the Nepalese community when they next visit the UK.

The highlight of the event was when Sanjay Jagatia surprised ALL those attending by connecting a live video-conference call with Swami Ramdevji. When Swamiji appeared on the big screen at the front of the Marquee the public gasped in amazement. His Holiness Swami Ramdevji addressed the crowds and said that he was pleased about PYPT’s success and achievements under the leadership of our Trustee Sunita Poddar. He commented that the organisation now needs to step up a gear and train more Yog teachers and spread the benefits of Yog and Pranayam to a wider population. Swamiji captured the audience’s imagination when he talked about his campaign and mission to end corruption. He continued that he has already travelled the length and breadth of India with his Bharat Swabhiman Mission to make people aware of the high levels of corruption that is prevailing. Countless people’s souls have been awakened, regardless of their religion, caste or creed and for the first time a revolution has immerged in the fight against corruption in Bharat. Swamiji outlined his demands to the Indian Government for:

• 400 Trillion Rupees of black money which is currently invested in offshore banks to be declared as National Property;
• The Introduction of a Lok Pal Bill ensuring that those who are found guilty of corruption are sentenced appropriately;
• To adopt a Bharatiya system to ensure that every Indian buys Indian based products to help the economy and also to ensure that Indians receive economic and social justice.

Swami Ramdevji ended by calling everyone to join the mission and engage all their efforts to save Bharat.

~ Darshanlal Sohal, UK Yog Teachers Coordinator spoke about PYPT getting bigger day by day. He said “This gives us more motivation to keep doing what we feel is good for the next generation. We need to all pull together to achieve the next big goals given by our mentor His Holiness Swami Ramdevji. We should commit more time for the betterment of others. Our mission is simple – help others live a healthy life. Swamiji believes that to reinstate the peace, harmony & happiness in our motherland and across the world, we should identify the basic problems of the common-man; health, wealth and character, which is degrading day by day. Each of us should introduce at least ten new members with the commitment that each new members will then introduce another ten new members. By doing so we will approach the majority of the population in no time. We will teach them Yoga & meditation and improves their health. Going forward we will also need more funds as the current funds are not sufficient to run our day to day operation of our growing family and thus members should also come forward for the fund raising activities. We also need your valuable suggestions. We are trying our best to keep our agenda simple, straight forward and interesting and hence your feedback is extremely important for our success. Kindly come forward to take responsibilities and take this mission to the next level”.

~ International Yog Coordinator – Sarwan Poddar (who was representing Trustee of PYPT – Mrs Sunita Poddar), addressed the crowd and showed highlights of the tremendous achievements and successes of PYPT in the UK. He said “Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust has gone beyond expectation with the help of our entire dedicated Yog teacher’s, members, volunteers and well wishers. The Trust is undoubtedly an establishment that continues to excel at what we do best – "promoting good health". We can proudly state that we have a big number of volunteers who play a crucial part in promoting Swamiji’s work and mission”.

Sarwan Poddar outlined some of the organisation’s achievements:

• Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust has trained over 5000 Yog Teachers Internationally. In UK alone, we have over 2500 trained teachers conducting over 300 Yog classes on a weekly basis;
• Successful Yog Shivirs have been held by the Trust in Ilford, Bolton, Leicester, Coventry, Glasgow and London over the last 5 years;
• Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji have been hosted and welcomed by the Scottish Parliament and the UK House of Commons;
• The Trust gained its international recognition and developed the UK as the hub for International activities of the Trust;
• The Teaching syllabus for Assistant Yog Teacher Training was created by PYPT and was approved by Patanjali University, India;
• Assistant Yog Teacher’s level one training is successfully being run in UK and Internationally in order to train more qualified Teachers;
• The Trust has introduced Yog practices into local schools in Scotland. We have worked with the Scottish Local Education Department to run Yog classes in schools and also trained school teachers who now take regular classes at their schools. We are in process of producing a Yog syllabus for pupils which will be available soon;
• The Trust has formed over 30 local Yog Committees in the UK, including a group for the Nepalese community;
• PYPT’S biggest achievement to date was the acquisition of Little Cumbrae Island donated by PYPT Trustee Sunita Poddar and Sarwan Poddar, which has gained massive recognition. The future of this project is to create not only a Yog hall, accommodation, a naturopathy centre but a sanctuary where people can come to seek solace from the outside world and learn to live with nature. The natural beauty of Little Cumbrae Island presents an idyllic setting for one to embrace life in its simplest.

Sarwan Poddar concluded by saying that “these are just the few examples of how PYPT has gone beyond expectation with the help of all dedicated Yog teacher’s, members, volunteers and well wishers. PYPT is undoubtedly an establishment that continues to excel”.

Nanjibhai Halai – member of Patanjali Yog Peeth UK, concluded the event with a ‘vote of thanks’ and called for continued support from all of the Trust’s members, Yog Teachers and Committee Members. He encouraged everyone to try and organize such get-togethers on a regular basis in order that we can learn from each other and progress the mission. He paid particular thanks to the Ilford Yog Committee for tirelessly working hard over the last 6 weeks to put together an exciting and outstanding ‘Patanjali Parivar Milan’ event.

The Event venue was kindly sponsored by Mr Mohan Singh of Fairlop Water/Marquees and the dinner was sponsored by Mr Sukhdev Komal of Suckhdev Catering.

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PYPT’s Aims and Objectives:
* To promote Yoga in local communities as a preventative healthcare measure and in control of ailments and diseases;

* To help make the UK’s future healthier through promoting good health and healthy living to younger generations by adopting Yoga as a preventative health care measure;

* To propagate pranayam as a "free" medicine through in-depth research in accordance with the parameters of modern medical science, so that everyone may avail its benefits in order to attain sound health;

* To create an environment in departments of Education, Health, Forces, Administration, Industry and Business to inspire them to adopt Yoga as a regular and necessary practice;

* To build bridges between communities by establishing a healthy environment that creates greater understanding towards diverse cultures, social environments, and community cohesion;

* To educate local communities on establishing a healthy lifestyle (e.g. healthy eating, dieting etc).

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