orphans of Rwanda 1994.. 17 years on

orphans of Rwanda 1994.. 17 years on

Around 400,000 people predominantly children, survived the genocide in Rwanda. The majority of these orphans now live in desperate poverty and lack of proper shelter, education and the means to earn money to buy basic necessities such medicine and food. Many are still severely traumatised by their experiences of genocide, and feel guilty that they survived when their loved ones died.

Many are forced to quit school, join the workforce, and care for younger brothers and sisters. Often they are caregivers, sometimes to more than ten siblings. Often they are involved in unskilled labour, which is underpaid and has no security or prospect for the future. Young girls in child headed households often drop out of school for domestic work.

According to IBUKA Rwanda (survivors’ umbrella), there are about 100,000 CHH (Child Headed Households) three quarters of these lead by girls. The eldest child could be about 14 years old looking after as many as 8 siblings in the household. Finding money for food and clothes usually proves difficult, which leads to most on the heads quitting school to provide for her siblings. Unfortunately, some children are forced to find means to provide by turning to prostitution and begging.

Why Tertiary Education (University)

At Hope-Education, we have chosen to support tertiary education for several reasons. In fact, this is where the next generation can be educated to come to the support and aid of other vulnerable groups in the future. It is also recognition of the orphans who have been so
courageous and strong to have finished their secondary education under unimaginable conditions. Few NGOs that are active in Rwanda support tertiary education and even fewer the students wishing to attend and improve their and their communities’ future.Today, the few surviving orphans of this heinous crime, often supporting themselves, need to go to school. But beyond financial assistance, they need affection. Through Hope-Education project, we want to be with them in memory of their parents who would have done better if they had not been killed. These orphans need a helping hand now otherwise they will miss out on education.

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