Muslim Blood Donation Campaign

Following the success of the Muslims Give Blood Campaign (MGB) in 2013 and 2014, the annual awareness campaign returns for 2015 with bigger plans on a national scale across seven major UK cities,
including London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Brighton and Coventry.

This year the campaign which began in January will be extended until just after July 2015 and will include live NHS blood donation sessions at major Mosques in London.

Why Muslims?
Unfortunately, the Muslims living In Britain today are not well acquainted with the idea of donating blood. The BBC and The Guardian have both written articles about the lack of ethnic minorities supporting blood donations. Although generosity is a trait given to Muslim belief and culture, it goes back to the lack of awareness. This campaign will be of great benefit to patients with cancer, for women following childbirth, in emergency departments and for routine operations. It will also benefit those who await routine transfusion to those with blood diseases such as
sickle cell anaemia.

Campaign aims
The aims of the 2015 MGB campaign are as follows:
• Raise awareness of the virtues of giving blood.
• Collecting blood donor pledges – 10,000 targeted.
• Actual Blood Donation session at a mosque (Central London Mosque / East London Mosque) with media coverage.

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