MOBO introduce its inaugural community award

MOBO introduce its inaugural community award

For the first time in their eleven-year history, MOBO has introduced a non music-based community award – the Western Union BeMOBO award that will recognise an individual or organisation that is actively involved in positive work within the community.

Sponsored by global money transfer company Western Union, and nominated by the MOBO organisation, the recipient of the Western Union BeMOBO Award will espouse the MOBO Awards social ideals of being courageous, forward thinking and active within the community. They could range from a youth worker helping young people in their area, to a global organisation lobbying for political change.

Anti-Slavery International, the world’s oldest international human rights organisation, is the inaugural Western Union BeMOBO award winner, the MOBO Awards announced today.

Founded in 1839 by the same abolitionists who led the campaign to abolish the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1807, Anti-Slavery International campaigns for the eradication of slavery, exposes current cases, supports the initiatives of local organisations to release people and presses for implementation of laws against slavery.

They are the leading organisation in this field and are the only charity in the UK working exclusively against slavery and related practices.

AJ Hanna, Regional VIce President, Western Union UK, Ireland and Nordics said: “Western Union is thrilled to be the title sponsor of the MOBO awards.

We are especially excited to be the category sponsors of the first ever Western Union BeMOBO award. Western Union is committed to supporting the initiatives and celebrating the cultures of the diverse communities we serve. This year’s winner is Anti-Slavery International. As part of the Mayor of London’s initiative, 2007 is the year for Anti-Slavery and Western Union is extremely happy to present this award to this groundbreaking organisation.”

Kanya King CEO and Founder of The MOBO Awards said: “For its inaugural year we wanted to ensure the first award recipient was somebody that has historical and current resonance. Given that 2007 is the two hundredth anniversary of Britain’s abolition of the slave trade, MOBO wanted to ensure that this incredibly important issue is given the profile it deserves. Not only to remember our past but also to highlight that slavery still exists today and it is all of our responsibility to eradicate it. Anti-Slavery International was our first choice award recipient because of the amazing work they do in the field.”

Aidan McQuade Director of Anti-Slavery International said: “We are honoured to be awarded the first Western Union BeMOBO Award. This Award gives Anti-Slavery International the opportunity to highlight the fact that there are more than 12 million people in slavery today and governments around the world have failed to address this problem. Two hundred years ago ordinary people pushed slavery to the top of the political agenda – we need to do that again if we are going to make elimination of slavery a reality once and for all.”

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