London Muslim Centre worshippers help Islamic Relief raise money for victims of Hurricane Sidr

London Muslim Centre worshippers help Islamic Relief raise money for victims of Hurricane Sidr

Emdad Rahman

Islamic Relief united with the East end community to raise substantial sums of money, to aid the stricken people of Bangladesh, affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Sidr.

Earlier Islamic Relief in partnership with the London Muslim Centre appealed to the general public and the thousands of worshippers that attend the centre on a daily basis. Worshippers had gathered at the LMC to remember and offer prayers for the victims of the devastating cyclone, which hit Bangladesh.

“The LMC is here for the benefit of the community, be it local or global – as always we are delighted to support charitable initiatives such as this. We applaud and support the efforts of Islamic Relief” said Dilowar Hussain Khan, Director of the London Muslim Centre said.

Islamic Relief’s Media Executive Sabia Kamali said; Hurricane Sidr has caused widespread suffering to people who are already amongst the poorest on earth. The team at Islamic Relief are calling and relying on the support of our communities to try to alleviate the suffering of the people affected by this humantarian catastrophe.”

Deputy Manager, Abdul Aziz Rajab Ali said, thanks to the generousity of the people of Whitechapel, be it the worshippers at the LMC or Muslim/non Muslim passers by, we are hoping to raise more than five thousand pounds.

“Yesterday we sent out a mission team to Bangladesh, which included Habib Malik, our head of community funding, a photographer and a disaster specialist. “

Muhammad Ali, a native of the District of Sylhet (Bangladesh) is volunteering as an aid operative. Speaking by telephone Muhammad said; ” We are beyond shedding tears. The children are the worse affected. Although it is taking time for supplies to reach destinations because of transport and communication difficulties, I am pleased that so much aid is being offered to the people of Bangladesh – yet more is needed and I beg people to dig deep into their pockets.”

Emergency aid from all over the world is now being sent to Bangladesh, with many teams being dispatched to offer support to the people that have been affected. The current situation remains severe.

Hurricane Sidr hit the coasts of Bangladesh at a speed of 150 miles per hour and the destruction has affected seven million people. The cyclone, described as the worst in years, hit the the disaster prone country, crashing into the South West coast before sweeping over the capital Dhaka. The death count to date totals over 17,000.

60 percent of the peoples republic of Bangladesh is already submerged under water, with many inhabitants living barely 50 feet above sea level.

Tapan Chowdhury , Bangladesh’s Food and Disaster Ministry advisor has said that countries and international agencies have promised to collaborate with 140 million dollars for the victims and recuperation.

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