KIND – Kids In Need of Direction

KIND - Kids In Need of Direction

The organiser of the Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK Pageant and Cultural Show, Carivog International, is pleased to announce it has forged links with the Trinidad & Tobago based children’s charity KIND (Kids In Need of Direction) ( This year’s show will be held at The Bloomsbury Theatre, London on Saturday 20 September 2008.

Under the distinguished patronage of Mrs Oma Panday, Mrs Patricia Robinson and Mrs Zalayhar Hassanali and chaired by the founder Karina Jardine-Scott, KIND provides assistance to disadvantaged kids throughout Trinidad & Tobago within the parameters of education, nutrition, medical assistance, vocational training, emotional counselling and sport.

KIND has two programmes: Sponsor a Child to Learn and Integrated Literacy Development.

* Sponsor A Child To Learn Programme makes provision for disadvantaged children providing them with tuition fees, schoolbooks and supplies, extra lessons, transportation, medical supplies and hampers for the family where applicable.

* Integrated Literacy Development Programme represents one of the main areas of KIND’s ongoing efforts to assist the underprivileged youths with education as the primary focus. Most of the children entering the programme are ill-equipped to enter the world of work due to their illiteracy and slow ability to learn. This is a situation KIND aims to redress.

Whilst KIND focuses on children, assistance is also extended to the relevant members of their families. KIND recognises it is counter-productive to return a child to the same negative home environment. Therefore programmes geared specifically for parents are conducted.
In addition, KIND has been mandated to provide comprehensive assistance to two homes for abused and/or abandoned children. These homes cater to the needs of children between the ages of six months to 16 years, many of whom have been victims of the most brutal sexual and/or physical abuse.

It is in support of this vital work to the Trinidad & Tobago community and the future of the twin-island nation, that Miss Trinidad & Tobago UK has adopted KIND as its “charity away from home”.

The directors of KIND have expressed their delight and gratitude to Carivog International and their sincere appreciation for this accolade.

Founded in July 1996, KIND was registered as a non-profit company in April 1998 and granted charitable status by the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Finance in August 2001.

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