‘Cummin Up’ Caribbean restaurant opens its doors for free Christmas meals

Renowned Caribbean restaurateur, Richard Simpson, will be throwing open his doors to show the love of Jesus Christ by providing a FREE Christmas dinner to all those whom may be living alone, elderly or perhaps mentally ill or just can’t afford it.

Open from 1.00pm on Thursday 25th December, guest are welcome to visit Cummin Up restaurant at 389 Lewisham High Street London SE13, opposite Lewisham Hospital.

The first sitting will be just after 1.00pm and the last meal served at 6.00pm, with doors closing at 7.00pm.

The menu on the day will include:

• Meat dishes
• Vegetarian, vegan & diabetic needs
• All Non-alcoholic drink
• Soda water fruit juice

Those who want to support this effort will be able to take donations of gifts or food in sealed packages only before the day. Volunteers are welcome and should contact Cummin Up for more information.

Cummin Up have invited pastors Winston and Brenda from feed my lambs ministry East Dulwich Grove SE22, to lead the prayer and gospel DJ Grove King has been booked to entertain diners for the afternoon.

Simpson is aware that the most marginalised in our society are often forgotten during the Christmas festivities and is of the view that offering a free meal at his restaurant is one way to show these people the love of God at this time.

‘So much of this season has become about consuming and taking, but there is a beauty in giving to those who are outside of our circle of family and friends. Just altering your mindset slightly to see the joy that can be had from helping others and meeting people at the point of their needs is a joy.
The need is great out there for people to be shown and feel the love of God, and this is just one way of doing it,’

Contact Richard or any staff member on 020 8 690 9167 mobile 07831 423 163 to get involved

Region: All
Website: http://www.blacknet.co.uk/cummin-up/
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Press Tickets:
Phone: 07831 423 163